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    I love the Trump Tweet about not hitting the Runways because they are cheap and easy to fill in.. Are Runways as cheap as 30 cruise missiles that didnt even work?

    Hang on.. If this is another False Flag to out the Traitors in the Whitehouse..
    We’ve heard this before with leaks from the Intelligence Community to the media. People being named in tapped phone calls. General’s being thrown to the Lions in order to ‘entrap’ the deep state.. NOTHING EVER ******** HAPPENS. Its the same old ‘dance little puppets.. keep on dancing.. as Katy Perry says (MK’d) – We’re all chained to rythym, as seeing as we’re being bombarded with the wrong unnataral frequency (thanks DANA, I’m way down that rabbit hole now)..we’re STAYING chained instead of BREAKING FREE.

    I’m off to see if the breakaway civilisation is hiring. I’m sick of this one. I want a refund and I want to see heads mounted on walls. I want to see justice for children and peace for the world. Im sorry to say it America, but its looks more and more as if Europe, NATO and USSA (United Satanic States of America) need to burn as the Roman Empire burned (and burned for the SAME ******** REASONS… pedophilic elite hedonistic self serving politicians who grew fat on the back of people who suffered as the barabrians killed raped and pillaged the lands.. What am I talking about? USA now or Rome 2000 years ago?)

  2. Could the cruise missile attack have been Trump’s way of smoking out the Neo-Confederates and HMSS mole-sleeper agents in the USA government. Using this pseudo attack so they would reveal themselves and come out of the shadows hanging themselves or impaling themselves by their own words and actions.

    1. Keeping alert for more unexpected appointments, resignations, firings and defenestrations. In the meantime, media discussions on the China talks are strangely lacking…

  3. Robert Barricklow

    I wonder if any of those “missing” cruise missiles found there way outside the purview of inventory? In this Orwellian 21st Century there are always a least two meanings to a word; deception is a given, on all side of the coin.

  4. A key phrase: “It is obvious that the cruise missile attack was prepared in advance. Any expert understands that Washington’s decision on air strikes predates the Idlib events, which simply served as a pretext for a show of force.”

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