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In line with today's main blog, consider this story shared by Mr. S.C. (copy and paste into your browser):



  1. I do agree with the nosing-in in order to ultimately undermine BRICS, the same as with the Brit financial circles…

    However, shorter term, the Saudi royal family threatened that there would be serious ‘repercussions’ if the US Congress made them liable for any Sep 11th legal claims. I think this ‘move’ is the repercussion. (I also think that the Saudi royal family thinks – rightly – that they are about to be thrown under the bus in order to protect the REAL Sep 11th perpetrators, and are moving to protect themselves. BRICS involvment would be an obvious ‘counterbalancing’ move.)

    1. You nailed it. Besides BRICS is so not happening with the turmoil in Brazil and constant fence sitting by India. No BRICS isn’t where the action is.

      The action is completely in the Russia, China, Iran triangle. More will join the SCO & EEU because they can’t be targeted as easily with trading partners and military allies all around them. Brazil and South Africa are just too isolated geographically and like I said India wants the cake and to eat it too.

      No way do the whabi wankers join anything with Iran in it.

  2. Well, another rat jumping ship nothing like self-preservation of your regime to open your eyes.

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