1. China-Russia are now fortifying their economies with real gold reserves instead of faux gold like in Europe-USA. I wish them well they have been screwed enough for the past centuries.

  2. A step in the creation of a gold-backed (or gold-linked) medium of exchange/currency for the future financial system. Unless this is just another scam by powerful State interests to drain our wealth through a disguised form of central banking. And for such a system to arise there AT LEAST be more transparency on the amount of mined gold actually above ground. As for unmined gold, the hype in the news reports coming out suspiciously recalls the hype about oil reserves, where the essence is not real amounts but communication designed purely for geopolitical and financial manipulation.
    On the other hand, new California rush for alluvial gold would seem to be a refreshing return to reality – or it will be when people start massive sharing pictures of gold dust, flakes or nuggets that they have found…

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