The state of Texas is joining other American states in considering legislation to recognize gold and silver coins as legitimate currency; while the revolt against the Fed is growing...there's a problem...

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15 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM MAY 4 2017”

  1. marcos toledo

    We are under the boot of people who really believe magic is real. They’re anti-historical anti-scientific and of course anti-economic and don’t read and fear those of us who do read. These idiots and criminals who fantasies of a cashless society have no idea of barter or exchange nor do they seem to care to enslave every living on this planet is all that gives meaning to their existence. One problem with this fantasy it will collapse in the end because it’s base on nothing but dreams.

  2. Robert Barricklow

    Of course the gold supply is in question/ Silver would be a better metal to use, when it comes down to the nitty gritty.
    But even that is in short supply. But gold is waaay short of the paper issuance, including beaucoup futures contracts. The price has been manipulated for some time. In essence there is no “price discovery” across the board. In fact, this high frequency trading has bled right into the internet where prices are changing at an ever faster clip; as well as being manipulated.
    The Atlantic has a stellar story on it/How Shopping Online Makes Suckers Of Us All by Jerry Useem. It talks of how we now live in an age of the variable airfare, the price-surge, the pay-what-you-want, the deliberate glitches. How big data has taken hold and how prices are becoming weaponized; like the sports moneyball treatment. It’s even coming down to the individual being typed into a pattern that de3termines his or her prices to be paid. How they design the demand curves they want to introduce and write the algorithms to make it so. Prices will fluctuate hour to hour, even minute to minute. Digital economies are the perfect vehicle to deliver. And with cashless; the negative interest rates are involuntary forfeitures at the whim of whatever political horse ins in the barn at the time. Even property is being question by who owns the software that drives your car or cools your wine or powers your computer, laptop, wherever software roams id owns your hardware. Better not get chipped! It’s come down to this law: Humans get involved in only extremely rare cases.

    1. RB, when flight control of airplanes by computers was in its early days, engineers tried to gain more control by operating on ever-more ‘quick’ reaction mechanisms. (Position is most basic. The derivative of position is velocity. The derivative of velocity is acceleration. The derivative of acceleration is the ‘jerk’ [a real term]. And so on.) What the engineers found was that – rather than resulting in increasing stability – operating-on the higher-order terms resulted in DECREASING stability of the system. It would ultimately crash the system; not to mention wearing-out the physical components in the meantime. Jittery-ness, rather than smoothness…

      What this has to do with your observations of the ‘weaponization of time’ is that we may be approaching a similar Instability window. In response to the jittery-ness of the system, people may simply say, “Scr*w it!” and back-away to simpler processes. (For example, physical exchanges rather than electronic exchanges.) We live in interesting times…

      1. I should also mention that the more-intense-concentration needed in these ‘digital’ times takes-away from meditation and reflection time. One can speculate on whether this was ‘accidental’ or a designed-in part of the system…

        1. Robert Barricklow

          Many times we are on the same page, in not in the same ball park. There is that A! and Deep Time connection that I can’t shake loose easily.
          In these digital times “we” do have an information system that surely was designed to become manipulated, as its in situ existence is null & void.
          Yet, herein, is A!’s entrances & exits. In wifi mode it’s a hackers delight. With a sinister AI, from who know where, or even just coming into being; this digital landscape is surely a devil’s playground just itching to be scratched.
          Is North Korea is just one algorithm [gl]itch away? Jittery humans, itchy algorithms, and crazy Strangeloves; all on an electronic digitized battlefield where, in this Orwellian/Lovecraft militarized kill-chain, the weakest link is….

          1. Robert Barricklow

            So i’m going for designed.
            But was/is the design on the table before arriving here? Deep Time again? Free Will? again. Is there anything new under the sun?
            Is Deja Vu in situ?
            Where time has no end, and no beginning?

      2. Good point Goshawks, whenever their control system teeters is the opportunistic time for the higher side to change the outcome which then opens another opportunity to open more possibilities.

  3. Robert Barricklow

    I’ve been preaching about WW1 being a bankster war against humanity. I believe it was launched; for one, because of the international workers of the world[the wobblies] They were gaining traction worldwide and the international banking cartel rushed the already pieces that were in play ahead – at full speed damn the torpedoes. There was England going bankrupt; there was oil being set up to Germany; there was the big bad wolf at the door – communism, a workers paradise. They put Wilson in, they were getting ready to launch their Zion State into being.
    WW11 was act two with Hitler doing a double cross on the cartel.
    The Rothschild intelligence was always par excellent[Waterloo]; which later become the Mossad.
    Hey, high octane?
    Even the Spanish flu was the mass inoculations taking place. The cure was the disease.

    1. If communism = workers paradise why would you object to a Zion State?
      Both serve the masters of slavery.

      1. Robert Barricklow

        …and the U.S.A. is supposed to be a Republic.
        The supposed to be’s are?
        To be
        or not to be?

  4. Interesting that JPF talked about the various nations issuing fiat currency during WWI. Bankster paradise. Imagine the CONTROL that having all the nations IN DEBT to you created. Madame Rothschild stated, “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.” Think about the above, with all the mini-wars today…

    On gold, there were two issues long recognized on switching back to a gold standard:

    First, “them’s whooze got the gold rules.” The exact wrong people have the stashes of gold today. Move to a gold standard, and those ‘people’ will have even more leverage…

    Second, Benjamin Franklin recognized that there was just not enough physical gold to permit expansion of a growing economy as the American colonies’ innate resources grew. He talked about having a gov’t issue just-enough (interest free) paper money into circulation to recognize this fact. No more, no less…

    Outside of WWIII, I see only two or three possibilities: Growth in debt until the entire system ‘freezes up’, a debt Jubilee to reset the financial system in toto, or (possibly worst) the banksters giving just-enough ‘debt forgiveness’ to keep the world in chains but not crashing (the equivalent of Orwell’s foot-on-the-face forever). I’m open for a solution that goes beyond a closed-system approach…

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