1. This iceberg proposal is farcical if it is for water supply. As Marcos mentioned they could make the desert green by cloud creation if they really wanted to, but that would threaten the feudal tribal regime. The only remotely relevant reason could be that there is something in that ice other than plain H2O that certain parties are interested in. In which case there are relatively convenient ports in the Southern Hemisphere…

  2. Here’s a funny thing.

    In the 1970s there was a short-lived US tv programme called “Salvage”. It starred Andy Griffith (to most British viewers like me that won’t probably mean much … but I saw Matlock when I was a kid so …) as the head of a salvage company.

    In the second series of Salvage, Matlock and his salvage company crew try to tow an iceberg. From where to where I cannot remember, unfortunately. Maybe readers can fill in the missing details? But it shows that that idea has been around for a long time.

    In the first series of Salvage, I believe Andy Griffith and his team try to salvage bits and bobs left on the moon after the Apollo landings. In effect, they were the first non-governmental space salvage company.

    Wasn’t Andy Griffith cool??!

  3. Robert Barricklow

    A sign of the times?
    A small, perceptible part of a much larger problem?
    [We are only seeing the tip, H2O]

  4. marcos toledo

    Not a new idea this has been kicking around since at least the late sixties-seventies. I know of seeing on the USA network news show Ovation a news story about artificial clouds that could do the job.

    1. Agreed. There was actual serious-engineering going-on then on how to preserve the maximum amount of fresh water during the iceberg trip. (I still think de-salinization plants are the answer – including for So Cal’s thirst for NW water…)

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