1. Or our moon might be an artificial hollowed out spaceship as well.. Imagine.. We arrived here in our moon spaceship.. Stranded for a few millenium (like the Aliens in District 9) we forget all of history.. then start worshipping the moon.. and the sun.. and start inventing gods..

  2. This is all old stuff. However, if I string it together with the spooky Norwegian seed vault and the drumbeat ramp-up to WWIII by the PTB (as their financial tyranny implodes under the debt buildup), it may be another ‘disclosure’ by the elite in line with their “we publish our plans, but you don’t get to recognize them in time” rules. A nice, comfy asteroid may have ALREADY been hollowed-out and made ready to accept the 0.001%ers and their families/sycophants. Press the red button, and launch to the asteroid. Come back when the dust/radioactivity has settled…

    (Wouldn’t it be a trip if the good PTB let them think that their plan was initiated, watched them scamper to the asteroid, locked those doors from the outside, and deactivated the scheduled-destruction of humanity? Kind of sounds like the “Hitchhikers Guide” ship-full of hairdressers and telephone sanitizers sent on their merry way…)

  3. marcos toledo

    Not a new idea I know of two for part episodes of Dr. Who when Tom Baker played the doctor. A episode of Space 1999 and one of Star Trek The World is Hallow for I Have Touched the Sky. And there is Rendezvous On Rama this is a old meme and a B-Movie from the early sixties late fifties that dealt with this idea.

    1. Once they prove it works.. they probably won’t be a difference.. Hopefully they’ll put all the Illuminati Families together in one Asteriod, send them into outer space and they’ll have no children left by the time they arrive. Problem Solved.

  4. Space Orks in Warhammer 40k thought of it first.
    And coz they iz psychic it works because they think it should. WAAARG!!!
    It’s funny, I talked about this with my dear wife last night. This will be the 100 year ship that Nasa was talking about..

  5. We will soon seeing titles to asteroids being sold online, the legislation is being put in place. Though direct inspection of the property might be tricky – and very expensive.

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