1. The UK strategic interest in bringing in Uruguay is patent, given the persisting bad blood with Argentina. Still, the Falklands Tourist Board logo is cute…

  2. According to Harald Kautz Vella (who did extensive research into Morgellons , black goo, and other Aquarius Technologies.de – as mentioned on this particular web site), he states that the Falkland Islands have large reserves of ‘friendly’ goo (there also seems to be some off-worldly goo that fell to earth via meteorites and is evil and utterly heartless). Hence, according to Kautz’ argument it’s the reason for the continued U.K. presence there. So, being that the Falklands are one of the last frontiers to reach Antarctica, perhaps it would be too simple of me to connect the dots and assume that this “goo” is also abundantly present under the Antarctica ice, whereas, the urgency to stake clam to this mysterious substance is now in frenzy mode and being masked by the catch-all and politically correct usage of ‘scientific research’.

  3. My cynical mind has this ‘wondering’ whether this whole kerfuffle could be a careful set-up to get funding. Scatter-about tidbits of information that something ‘mysterious’ is there in Antarctica, and watch the gold-rush or land-rush begin to form. Funding issues solved. You may even have to beat-them-back at the door…

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Lately the invasive species meme has been building-up in various media distribution channels[print/video]. It’s been several years in increasing increments. This implies foreknowledge. Purposed.
      If so. Than consider it well thought out.
      But nothing compares yet to the CO2 scam.
      Yet, that shows they’re signature in details[devilish, it is]

  4. Robert Barricklow

    Antarctica is the place to conduct highly dangerous biological research.
    Perhaps they discovered something wicked has blown this way on the deep space galactic winds?
    How long before it escapes, or…
    is purposely accidentally released?

    1. Robert the biological research sounds likely. There have been so many hints. From Lake Vostok to personnel disappearing for years and/or suddenly being evacuated etc….

      1. Robert Barricklow

        Yes Dana it does.
        There have been so many False Flags.
        Some going live, many not
        Should a Real incident happen
        the boys
        having cried WOLF so many times….

      2. Robert Barricklow

        Here we have the opposites in may ways.
        For example, extremophiles-ancient microbes that could survive in waters as hot as 199 F. In Mushroom Spring, Yellowstone the bacteria Thermus aquaticus spawned an entirely new industry – genetic engineering. The Tag polymerase enzyme extracted from the bacteria had made the process of splitting DNA possible.
        Now, in extremes of space, what[in terms of Earth]biologies could survive? In the Antarctic? Or, an ancient biological space traveler revived?
        The Universe teems with life. No doubt some has already spawned on Earth.
        But what of an invasive species that challenges to upset the web of current life.
        Man has already made headway.
        Is there another more prescient threat?
        Ironic, if man was monkeying around with such a frozen life form[or, contained]and opened up /released his replacement[besides the already present and clear danger, AI].

        1. Robert Barricklow

          That’s the razor’s edge of curiosity.
          Not bad with rudimentary tools. But the more sophisticated the learning curve; the more sophisticated the player Must be…

  5. marcos toledo

    Interesting question what does the UK-URUGAY know about Antarctica and when did they know it.

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