1. Russian or not, Lavrov is one of the most insightful, prolific and decisive voices commenting on the DSA’s geopolitical theater. Fortunately he is not here. If he were he might meet the same fate as the recent Russian ambassador to the UN.

    1. Phil the Thrill

      In my opinion, it is precisely Mr. Lavrov’s genuine Russian-ness that makes him the diplomat he is. I appreciate his response to Nikki Haley’s threat to blame Russia, Iran, and Syria for a non-existent chemical weapons attack: “We will respond with dignity, in accordance with the real situation that is taking place.” A fine, nuanced, subtle way of suggesting that Nikki Haley is a horse’s a….

  2. How dare Mr Lavrov impugn the integrity of the American media!

    The Mighty Wurlitzer is a fine instrument and never plays a false note. Its CIA tuners make darn sure of that.

    1. Lendman makes some good points, and the current apparent rift may not be between the German militaristic deep state and its US counterpart. Or not yet anyway. There could be some truth in Dr. Farrell’s intuition that the deployment of US troops in the Eastern European countries, within Germany’s sphere of political and ecocnomic influence, is as much directed against Germany as against Russia, since such deployment is militarily ineffective, but has a significant propaganda (and intimidatory) value on the people in the countries involved.

      1. Robert Barricklow

        Your point of view looks the most likely.
        My fear is that rather than the nation states versus the one world order[for lack of a better tag line], there is, in fact, a worldwide economic class warfare in progress. A clash within Civilization over whether a creditor oligarchy will reduce vast populations to debt peonage. This seems to be an eternal problem of all civilizations.

  3. marcos toledo

    What the old line don’t let the facts interfere with my fantasies that seems to be what rules in the city of dreams. Washington DC has become a opium den of politics with the media dishing dangerous dreams.

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