1. Quote Graham Hancock from Dark Journalist – “Instead of spent trillions of dollar into weapon of mass destruction, creating a climate of hatred and suspicious……”

    Without a hatred and suspicious climate, they have no excuse developing those super weaponry legally, funded by the tax money without any challenge, because they have to developing those weapon and technology for protecting the country best interest so they said.

    Imagine if there is no longer any threat anywhere, they will lost their funding and power in the government, and they can’t openly develop those weapon and technology without any form of challenge.

    Russian has been their imaginary enemy for such a long time, specially they don’t want to play the ball game that is what piss them off LOL Even Russian no longer a threat, there will be China, there will ALWAYS be an Imaginary enemy some where rather territorial or extraterritorial.

    I could be wrong though.

  2. rich overholt

    The real question should be, Why does Russia AND the rest of the planet hold the west (especially the USA) with such contempt. Could it be because of American baby boy genital mutilation, GMO, and chemtrails. Longitudinally pulsed scalar torpedoes would solve the chemtrails problem with a vengence. Certain Russians say America is committing suicide as we speak. Are they correct? ” All gave some…Some gave all.”


  3. marcos toledo

    Imagine a planetary Canaan war of extermination that is what our overlords plan. Russia is hated by our elites because it is the inheritor of the Roman-Christian tradition. Slavery greed is all that drive our oligarchs and gives meaning to their pathetic existence.

  4. Phil the Thrill

    I too concur with Basta. Have a good weekend, everybody. I share with you six minutes of the cream of Western civilization:
    The Meaning – Jim Carreyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0ZrkBCnfxw&t=2s

    1. Phil the Thrill

      As our good Doctor Farrell has also mentioned, regarding some links he has provided for our perusal: the one I provided above must be copied and pasted into a new browser window. Do not copy “The Meaning – Jim Carrey”, but start with the https. This is an excerpt from a speech that Mr. Carrey gave to the 2014 graduating class of Maharishi University of Management. The full speech (just shy of a half-hour) has 11 million views on you toob. It is the most inspiring speech I have ever heard. Lofty praise, for sure; I invite you to see for yourself.

    2. gizadeathstarcommentator

      @Phil the Thrill
      Thank you for that Jim Carrey link. That was a wonderful speech.

      1. i remember reading somewhere about carrey getting overt and honest about life, the universe and everything. and then his girl got suicided and he got blamed somehow in a note. it had all the earmarks of some kinda blood sacrifice to get him back on the illuminist reservation.

      2. Phil the Thrill

        (reply to commentator) You are very welcome, GDS-nauts; I am heartened that the link is appreciable.
        zdb, I don’t know about Mr. Carrey being on the lam from the reservation poh-lice, although I am sure they would rather he not be going around saying things like, “Our eyes are not just viewers, they are projectors, as well.” Obviously, blinkered consumers who regard their eyes as viewers only, are necessary for the Hollyweird Machine to continue to turn a profit.

  5. Part of the reason, yes. But it is the Cabal/mafia at the top that hates Russia and Putin, not the population. And they hate them from envy, envy of their vast resource wealth and their independence and defiance, and their belief in morality and support of tradition. And for tossing the Rothschild puppets in prison and slipping out of their grasp at the last minute, above all.

    The Western peoples don’t hate Russia; just read any comments section that hasn’t yet been shut down to stifle free expression and sift out the obvious paid trolls and shills from Langley and Tel Aviv and you’ll see that most people in the world admire and respect Putin and find Russia’s current course entirely appropriate.

    1. in theory i agree basta. in practice, it’d make my day even more to know specifics of rottenchildren that putin et al have neutralized.

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