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New Video Dialogue #268 is Out

Far Side of the Moon;
Moon as Radio shield;
Moon as Asteroid shield;
Theia and Giant Impact Hypothesis;
Moon’s unique features (size, temp range, vacuum);
Ancient moon texts;
Synchronized Lunar Cultures;
Astronomical Metaculture;
Quantum Evolution;
Tidal-Fertility Stimulus;
Non-local Phenomena;
Ancient Gene Modification;
Earth as Aquarium/Terrarium;
Shamans, Lycanthropes, Vampires, Parabiosis, Brain Death;
Mystery, Modular Morality, and Personal Power;
Millennials Save the World;
Magical Animism and Rational Magic;
Lunar Clock vs. Moral Compass;
The Loss of Centrist Civilization;
General Chatter;

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  1. I love you all dearly
    BUT your blogs’ text is awful. Difficult to read, too pale,
    no contrast on any device and what an awful font.
    Hope you can you do something about this soon.
    MANY THANKS, Athena9

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