1. Well, there is always that fallen Angels teaching their ill gotten offspring and humanity Sorcery thing. No doubt based on a much better understanding of cosmology and physics from a higher realm. I have no doubt that secret societies attempted to maintain this knowledge as long as they could. It has no doubt been perverted over the millennia and subsequently lost. Maybe that’s a good thing. If the “elite” could get their hands on it there would be no end to their mischief.

  2. Apart from some interesting and insightful statements here, the surveyed article amounts nothing more than academic flatulence. I started to expound on this more, but why should any of us? The best way to eliminate an ideological fart is to throw some really good air-freshner on it–or open the window and turn the fan on to pull it out!

    1. Correction, not the article itself, but the LGBT baroness who rewrote quantum mechanics…

  3. Robert Barricklow

    Finally, a female version of Professor Irwin Corey who actually believes her own press.

  4. Unfortunately the feminist had good teachers the males who made their careers putting down women and other males of different ethnic and other social class. As the saying goes you reap what you sow.

  5. I fully agree. Women makes great scientists. Take my wife for example..She can take a tiny absolutely miniscule sock on the floor and turn it into a mediterrean volcano at full blow in my living room.. Its Spooky Moodswings! (and my inability to put a sock in the dirty laundry basket..)
    no I’m only joking.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Physics doesnt work the way we think it does.. and I’m leaning towards the Einstein got some of the things wrong way of thinking. And I’m sure that a lot of physics that we’re learning now, is the Magic and Lore of our ancestors.. like from 20-300k years ago civilisation..

    1. Phil the Thrill

      “Hand in hand, Emmanuel walked with Zina through the dark woods of Stanley Park. ‘You are myself,’ he said. ‘You are the Shekhina, the immanent presence who never left the world.’ He thought, The female side of God. Known to the Jiews (sic) and only to the Jiews. When the primordial fall took place, the Godhead split into a transcendent part separated from the world, that was En Sof. But the other part, the female immanent part, remained with Israel.
      “These two portions of the Godhead, he thought, have been detached from each other for millennia. But now we have come together again, the male half of the Godhead and the female half. While I was away the Shekhina intervened in the lives of human beings, to assist them. Here and there, sporadically, the Shekhina remained. So God never truly left mankind.
      “‘We are each other,’ Zina said, ‘and we have found each other again. The split is healed.’
      “‘Through all your veils,’ Emmanuel said, ‘beneath all your forms, there lay this…my own self. And I did not recognize you until you reminded me.'”
      –Philip Kindred D., “The Divine Invasion”

      MY thing with my husband is him NOT putting trash eg. well used paper towels into the trash basket!
      Oh, and NOT emptying his pockets before putting his dirty clothes into the laundry hamper, 😛 LOL!
      And btw, I agree with you about the Magic and Lore of old. I have come to the conclusion that the way magic works is through a type of physics, maybe quantum physics, that we know little about. And this does include “intention.”

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