If you've been conCERNed with CERN, then you'll want to pay attention to this story that was shared by Mr. F.L.M.:

I don't doubt for a moment that CERN is probably a major target for hackers of all sorts, from the busybody in a garage, to sophisticated players with access to major computational power. It would be a target not simply for its scientific data, but even more importantly, its extensive computer network would be a crucial point of attack for someone wanting to quickly disseminate any kind of malware throughout the world, for CERN is, as some are aware, the Internet's biggest user:

CERN is home to the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) as well as its massive computer grid. Scientists use the LHC to study high-speed collisions between subatomic particles — in 2017 alone, they collected an estimated 50 petabytes of data about these particles. CERN provides this critically important data to universities and laboratories around the world for research.

The LHC and CERN itself require a massive amount of data storage and computing power, which is what prompted the creation of the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid. The grid connects computers in more than 40 countries from more than 170 research facilities, and works like a power grid to some extent, providing computing resources to facilities based on demand. This presents a unique cybersecurity challenge: keeping the massive globally-distributed grid secure while maintaining the computing power and storage unimpeded.

So CERN has now deployed an artificial intelligence - one may presume "state of the art" - to protect this massive computing network from attack. Now, I don't know about you, but this raises my CERN ConCERN Meter into the orange zone, and for two very different reasons that are both more than just high octane speculation; they're "way out there." In the first case, as members of this website know, I have speculated many times ion our members' vidchats on my suspicion that CERN represents more than just a particle physics project. Given the enormous energies in the machine, and the strength of its magnetic fields, I have speculated that there may be deeper and entirely secret levels of computer alogorithms pulling anomalous data - perhaps having nothing to do with particle physics - for secret teams of scientists to look at. Among such data I've speculated that there might be "data correlation and collection" experiments, measuring correlations between CERN activity and seemingly completely unrelated systems: solar activity, terrestrial weather and/or geophysical events, even human behavior, and so on.

But the other half of today's speculation is my long-held suspicion that AI(Artificial Intelligence) is not coming, but may already be here. In this regard, I've long suspected that the various "flash crash" events we see in various computer-driven algorithmic market trading from commodities to equities, might be being driven by an AI "learning the ropes" or experimenting with more "malicious" intention. Now, couple such an AI to a machine like CERN's Large Hadron Contraption, and "data correlation experiments," and let your imagination run wild...

Of course, that's really way out there "high octane speculation," but I did warn you.

But if the slightest sliver of it might be true, then one might expect some "odd events" to be reported from CERN in the future, which prompts a nasty question: what would a flash crash at CERN look like?

See you on the flip side...


  1. Article: “This is where AI and machine learning comes in. CERN scientists are teaching their AI system to distinguish between safe and threatening behavior on the network and take action when it detects a problem.”

    Ahhh, ‘teaching’ and then ‘taking action’ to an AI – what could go wrong?

    One of the biggest clues about the ‘intent’ of the CERN collider is its location. For a big hint, guess in-which country BIS is located? Two big guns, together. Note, in this regard, that the US version was summarily cancelled after two-thirds of the money had been spent. IMHO, this was not a ‘beancounter’ decision; someone on-high ‘decreed’ it. CERN would be alone…

    (With the Earth’s magnetic field diminishing and the magnetic poles starting to wander in the prelims to the next magnetic-pole-flip , I could see CERN as built to ‘tamper’ with the natural evolvement of this system. Anything from positioning the new magnetic poles where you want them to exerting magnetic torque on the Earth. It certainly is NOT to find the Higgs boson. [Oops, just saw Enigma3’s comment.])

  2. ” CERN scientists are now teaching an AI system to protect the grid from cyber threats using machine learning.”

    Our schools inculcate stupidity and a battery of weaponized chemicals dumb down and sedate the population; meanwhile machines are actually being taught.

    I’m sure this will all end well.

  3. No matter what they say they are doing with AI, their time worm MO means yet again they are actually doing that and something quite different. What they say and what they don’t say. Two different worlds. And who knows. CERN is the most secretive project on the planet.
    I wonder whether they are experimenting with altering the earth’s magnetic field to attempt to compensate for the loss of the planetary magnetic field due to the magnetic pole shift.

    1. And then there is this from MIT’s Technology Review:

      China Plans to Use Artificial Intelligence to Gain Global Economic Dominance by 2030

      The country’s government has announced a scheme to surpass Western nations and shape the future of AI.
      by Will Knight
      July 21, 2017

      Though it is not yet as advanced as AlphaGo, Chinese researchers have developed their own Go-playing AI champion, called FineArt.

      Artificial intelligence may have been invented in the West, but China seems determined to own its future. Its rising AI community just got a tremendous shot in the arm, in the form of a massive new government investment plan.

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      Elon Musk Urges U.S. Governors to Regulate AI Before “It’s Too Late”

      Google’s AI Guru Says That Great Artificial Intelligence Must Build on Neuroscience

      The State Council of the People’s Republic of China has announced a bold scheme (link in Chinese) meant to build an AI industry worth $150 billion, and to make China the global leader in the field by 2030.

      Details of the plan are sure to cause consternation among policymakers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs in the U.S., especially as funding for research is slashed by a science-averse Trump administration. It will also, inevitably, stoke concerns about China’s military ambitions, given the role AI is expected to play in the evolution of warfare.

      In truth, however, China’s AI ascendancy is already well under way. While U.S. researchers grab headlines for developing cutting-edge algorithms and techniques, Chinese companies are have become adept at commercializing AI technologies and have shown a growing willingness to invest in fundamental research and development.

      Over the past couple of years, I’ve visited big Chinese tech companies, startups, and academic research labs where there is a clear focus not only on applications of AI, but also on fundamental research. These research labs do seem to lag behind those found in the U.S., but they are catching up.

      The State Council’s plan will certainly add fuel to this trend. It states that by 2020 China should match the rest of the world, and that five years later China should achieve “major breakthroughs” in the technology. By 2030, the plan states, AI should lay the foundation for China’s economic dominance. The plan also suggests that AI should be applied across countless industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, logistics, and finance.

      If AI is deployed across China’s economy, it could have a huge impact on the country’s economic progress. And if the government’s ambitions are realized, then the effort is likely to shape the course of one of the most important technologies of our time.

  4. Robert Barricklow

    …and just again, whose tool is CERN?
    Are they using AI; or I AI using them?
    Or, is this the beginning of the end[in regards to the question of free will]?

  5. With whom or what would this machine be in contact with and to what end. Looks like the scene in the anime version of the gate between the universes depicted in Fullmetal Alchemist. A nasty place or limbo you go to at their own risk but when have they ever bothered about the risks and consequences.

  6. I can only repeat myself.. Good job the AI doesnt have its hands on a WMD to kill us all with.. like a big magnet for exemple..

    Here is what the ALICE (name must have been thought up by the same ‘geniuses’ who named the LUCIFER telescope for the Vatican…) security network should be..
    Or even better.. the ALICE production environment.. or ALiEN for short.. (splutters popcorn all over his keyboard.. “they’re doing it on purpush!!”)
    Quote (for the good stuff…) “This attacker could enter and escalate her access privileges to misuse the computational resources
    for unauthorized or even criminal purposes. She could even manipulate the experimental data.”

    Manipulate the experimental data… sure.
    They seem to be reacting to something.. that we havent been told about.

    July 1st –
    (now.. Cern is on the other side of lake Leman to Chateau d’Oex.. so I dont know if it is related.)

    Perhpas the directer of CERN was told to put the AI in place after her briefing/debriefing at the Bilderburg Meeting this year.. Its interesting that they are going for even higher levels of luminosity.. mixed with magnetic fields..

    Did anyone see that thing I wrote on the community about the UN meditation room.. Single shaft of light, beaming down onto a Lodestone attached to the Bedrock.. Anyone seeing any similitudes?

      1. Phil the Thrill

        Good morning, Kahlypso. FYI…when I clicked on your link, I was redirected to the GDS homepage. Members only content, perhaps?

          1. Phil the Thrill

            Yep, me and the lady are on the outside lookin’ in; but thanks for the effort nonetheless, K.
            May we all be blessed with abundance. I’d say it’s getting to be about freakin’ time, eh?

        1. hi Phil – I’ve sent you a message with the essential text of the post. Will send to Lady Dashwood as well. and sign up and get on community 🙂

    1. The best way to “kill” AI is the method use in the movie: The World’s End: 12 Pubs, 12 Pints, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

      AI will never be able to won an argument over certain type of people. This is just as hilarious as Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

  7. Per I. Asimov, there just might be more than a ghost in the machine. Mankind has reached that point where it can, and may, bring about its own extinction, or close to it. One has to wonder just how many times we have been here before.
    We, however, will leave no lasting monuments in stone, just miles of underground tunnels and deep underground structures like some who have gone before us, along with bits and pieces of technology on lifeless planets. We’re like small children playing with guns.

    1. they have huge underground tunnel networks in peru… perhaps they used gold for their electrical circuits.. (should have used silver) and it all rotted down there.. leaving just huge stone tunnel networks.. heheh

      1. Huge underground tunnels and cities actually. The city of modern London did not build the London Underground at the turn of last century, it has been there for ages. There was some sort of catastrophe that covered most of the evidence of this. Breaking topic online, really fascinating. Check this article of images out;
        imgur dot com, buried first floor.

  8. Will the CERN AI going to use very “creative” method like those of Amazon AI, to deal with the hacker, I wonder, ROFL!!!!!!

    1. I teeter not between the poles of “nothing” and “more than the scientists in charge”. To me it’s just the two poles of the magnet–a both .. and .. proposition. In some respects CERN is the modern day equivalent to Kammler’s Peenemunde. If an AI presence is there its probably working for someone rather than it’s own interests. That’s what makes the “waking” scenario so frightening…

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