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July 8, 2017 By Joseph P. Farrell

We have recently started accepted guest blogs and contributions, and when Mr. M.A. sent this one, I knew I had to include it in this week's blogs. The reason? Well, regular readers here know we like to connect dots. But more importantly, they also know that one of my "themes" is that the Powers that Be, in their bottomless byzantine malfeasance, like to combine several operational objectives or levels in one operation. Think of it as a kind of "conspiracy counterpoint." Well, Mr. M.A. came up with an interesting "conspiracy counterpoint" as a result of some of his investigations that I thought worth passing along for your consideration. He's not the first to make the observation about the passengers on the flight that allegedly struck the Pentagon on 9/11, but he is, I think, one of the first that has suggested a very important speculation. Accordingly, I've highlighted a part of his short article that drove the point home for me.

Here's Mr. M.A.'s guest contribution this week:

"One of the most important things I have discovered during my recent years of enlightenment about alternate knowledge is revision. As I have learned more about what really is going on in the world I have gone back and revisited things that I had dismissed previously as nonsense only to now find I was dead wrong.

"Yesterday I watched Loose Change 911 again. My attention was particularly drawn to the section about flight 77 that crashed into the Pentagon. Points of interest were that the plane only had 64 people on board. That is only 30% capacity for that aircraft. I find it hard to believe a commercial aircraft would be allowed to take off less then a third full.

"Next was the disproportionate number of passengers who had specific expertise in security, defense and science backgrounds on board. For example there were people from Raytheon, Lockead Martin, US Navy, US army, Boeing, US Defense Department, Barbra Olsen and so on.

"'So What!' you may say.

"Well I remember Joseph recently talking about the assassination attempt on Hitler during WW2 and how the culprits were supposedly tried and executed. It is now believed the whole thing was a ruse to get these valuable people out of Germany without causing suspicion prior to Germany's capitulation. After all no one would be looking for dead people.

"I have often pondered about the Secret Space Program that so many researches believe exist. For such a program to exist, a massive, highly-skilled work force would have to be assembled. The program would need incredible security for a start. Then there would be no limit to the number of scientists and engineers required. Finally the shear amount of labour required for building, feeding, housing, medical needs and so on would be monumental. Where would these people come from? How would you control security, employing people from the general public?

"I believe Catherine Austin Fitts has made a reasonable assumption that some of these jobs have been taken up by uncredentialed boarder-jumpers coming into the US from Mexico. I don't believe these people would be highly skilled however.

"My revision of the Loose Change documentary has opened my eyes to the possibility that false flag operations can be used as a means of recruitment for the Secret Space Program. The passengers on flight 77 were all pronounced dead, their relatives believe them to be dead. All this with no real tangible proof that a passenger airliner actually hit the Pentagon. All those on board could have been recruited with little fear of exposure.

"We can also look at missing Flight MH370. It was reported that 4 Chinese scientists who had a joint patent with the infamous Carlyle Group were on board. The patent was reportedly for some type of cloaking technology. Could the disappearance of this aircraft been arranged for the purpose of recruiting the scientists?

"We can also look at the number of special forces that have disappeared over the years. The operation to kill Osama Bin laden comes to mind, when the helicopter carrying the seal team blows up in mid air: no bodies recovered and all Pakistani news was silenced on the incident.

"I'm sure it would be an interesting exercise for a list to be compiled by contributions from members who know of other false flags where recruitment could have taken place."

My only addition to Mr. M.A.'s thesis here would be that false flags might not be the means of recruitment as much as they are the means of "disappearing" people from one civilization, only to have them transferred to re-emerge in another, say, for example, Mr. Richard Dolan's "breakaway civilization." What I also find fascinating here is that seldom-discussed other plane that landed in Cleveland, Ohio, on 9/11: placed in the context of Mr. M.A.'s hypothesis, it does make one wonder. But whether recruitment or creating false legends of specific people's deaths, I think he's on to something.

See you on the flip side...