1. Robert Barricklow

    Just love the commercialized internet.
    For example, when I clicked on the link, there was a forest of ads obscuring the article. After navigating through the forest; with a mouse that has a ever ready curser searching out ads to jump from mouse control to – google control by wire – google ads as I click on a almost in time article and or link. After several unwanted ads, and a forest of other ads I never did find the AI mistakes. But, this is after all, is crisis by design. It is exactly as engineered/designed: to the degree that the private commercial sphere becomes the only space. Just another symbol in which any semblance of politics is losing its shape, its power of attraction, and its ability to confront the anti-democratic pressure at work in American society today.
    Looks like my pressure point’s on hair-trigger today.

  2. We may actually have a useful clue here:

    If the AI was programmed to simply search-out the most-visited images and copy&paste them into the design, then we have two choices. First, people are really sick/disturbed. Or two, we have a snapshot of the underlying ‘linking’ apparatus on the web.

    If mainly the latter, the AI may have done us a (unintentional???) service…

  3. On the other hand, this could just be some marketing experiment that has nothing to do with AI

  4. Articles in the Washington Post may also be AI-generated, considering the ownership links…

    1. Definately – because some people are weird and bizarre.. these things will end up being worth a fortune if any were actually shipped out..

      1. Phil the Thrill

        I was actually able to obtain one of the “old man wearing diaper with a cane” phone cases. I am looking for someone willing to trade a crystal skull for it.

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