1. Robert Barricklow

    A good measure of common sense would get rid of those Polish jokes; like really wanting to be a member of the European union and/or NATO.

  2. Interesting the poll was conducted to coincide with Trumps visit; a faction of the governing conservatives are diligently laying the groundwork for Poland jumping the EU ship over immigration, and good for them.

    If this keeps up (and it will), you’re going to see the old Warsaw pact (who know Bolshevism when they see it) reform as a conservative bloc strongly wedded to Washington.

    Interesting times.

  3. This was the easy part, and after avoiding one of the worst globalist assaults, now Poland will just have to develop its own new political and economic framework in the developing Eurasian scenario. Without, of course, a misplaced dependence on “NATO assurances” (luckily the memory of 1939 is still strong and the current “buffer state” status is patently untenable). The country needs to gain a minimum of economic autonomy; it still relies too much on providing a labour pool for Germany. And in the longer term, of course, a “psychological” reconciliation with Russia… all of this will be easier when the globalist assault on the Ukraine finally peters out.

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