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It was a toss up today, between the dangerous story of looming Saudi civil war, and this story about John Podesta and the Senate Intelligence committee, and of course, I prefer geopolitical, to domestic political news stories simply because this website has so many readers, from China to South America and Australia. But this is a newsworthy story nonetheless(shared by Mr. H.B.), for some careful consideration:

John Podesta Hauled In For Closed-Door Questioning By House Intel Committee


  1. Robert Barricklow

    The Senate MUST make sure Podesta didn’t leave any bread crumbs for a real criminal cases against ANY incumbents. Time to plug all would-be holes; dead or alive.
    Podesta should lead by example, and show how to beat justice, time & time again.

    Hey, he can always pull the BIS get-out-of-jail card. like HSB did when it ordered the US prosecutors to deep six their solid documented case. Osborn ordered it[a foreign bank and foreign prime minister].
    Whose your daddy, USA?
    Oops, he’s not a FSB member.

  2. Webster’s has a picture of John Podesta next to its definition of “swamp dweller.”

    Such an odious, sadly unindicted creature.

  3. Ok.. So Seth Rich GAVE the emails to Assange (or assorted lackey), and Podesta made ‘an exemple’ out of him..
    (That’s so really heavy Russian Hacking going on right there..)
    At what moment in time did ANYONE ask about the content of the emails….??
    Hotdog Stands in Hawaii.. Dominoes on Pasta or Pizza..Uber transport for entertainement in the pool..Pizza related maps on handkerchiefs..

    Really, lets be very very very clear on this point. Who cares about Russians hacking.. I care about perverts raping our children. That’s important –

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