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And while we're talking about the Kaiserin, copy and paste this one into your browser (courtesy of Mr. B.H.), by way of more confirmation that there's some sort of "hidden war" going on between the U.S. and Germany:


Or this one (courtesy of Mr. T.M.):

Merkel: Europe Can No Longer Entirely Rely On US


  1. Robert Barricklow

    Is any one of these governments work in the interest of their citizens? Indeed, are there any common citizens who have a say; or even a vote that counts?
    So is it which of these bad guys has the upper hand?

  2. Leung all elections are fixed one way or a other as for Merkel what should we expect from a closeted NAZI.

  3. The headline is fake news; I saw no citation of Merkel actually saying that the US and UK are “enemies.” She said that they were now unreliable as partners and that Germany (with the EU in tow) had to strike out and chart its own course.

    A lot of bluster from that old, incessantly hand-signalling Bolshevik, whose mask has nearly slipped off in the last 18 months. She and Jupiter and Jean-Clod Drunker will be a mighty force to reckon with, and will make the world quake with a dazzling display of directives, solidarity and communiques.

    It will take a while, certainly, but to show their determination they’ve already put it on the agenda for a vote and hope they’ll be able to get around to ratifying the paperwork once they’ve finally prostrated their member states.

  4. The idea of the Anglosphere as enemies is politically clever in view of September elections in Germany since it casts a wide net, exploiting a diffuse anti-American sentiment in all political quarters, including the left, moderates and the “Nazi International” contingent. Let’s not forget that until more accurate historical research revealed the latter’s existence, one of the popular memes was to highlight the terrible damage done by “Allied” bombing of German civilians and all the usual abuses that take place during a military occupation. Though Merkel and fellow globalists will not have an easy time in explaining why an Obamist America was such a bed of roses while a Trumpist America has become an enemy of “Europe” a.k.a. the Reich.

    1. I’m curious, if “they” going to hijack the German election like “they” did to France.

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