1. So many good people get squashed by those crackpot anti-lifers running amock on the world stage. When you think any situation can’t possibly get any worse you stop dead in your track the next moment, because it can!

    Not letting “impotence” rule my life is getting a challenge.

  2. (The Charlottesville, VA, incident had two deeper purposes: to deflect the sheeple away from other more-threatening news, and to put Trump in a no-win situation [to keep-up the drum-roll pressure for impeachment].)

    The North Korean leader has obviously studied Iraq, Libya, etc. He sees that nations without nuclear weapons are easy prey for the perps. In a sanity-based world, nukes are probably not the best. However, in OUR perp-ruled world, they are a push-back ‘necessity’…

    On the possible co ming-together of Germany, Russia, and China, I see this as the ‘intermediate stage’ to a New World Order which was forecast by David Ickes, long ago. The sub-collections are the North American Union, the Eurasian Union, etc. Perhaps, this is the time. It could be WHY our Congress has passed the ‘in your face’ US-favoring sanctions by near-unanimous ‘acclaim’. They were TOLD to…

    (Of course, David Icke also forecast that America was to be weakened by any and all devices – to ‘fit in’ as just-another nation rather than as an independent powerhouse – before the Eurasian Union was to be pushed. Also perhaps, the PTB now-see America as sufficiently-weakened for the go-ahead…)

    1. Impeachment or invocation of 25th Amendment which will be initiated by the repubthugs but it won’t work. 2017 looking familiar? Russian revolution a hundred years ago? Of course there will be a lot of bloodshed. db

  3. Do joint space ventures include the sharing of microwave phase conjugate field propulsion technologies?

      1. Australia’s claim is preposterously large, and I would bet my last koala that they have some sort of arrangement with China.

      1. Robert Barricklow

        Yes, Goshawks.
        That [ent 1ty] is ever present; & one Dare Not ? their scared stories. You could be jailed in certain countries. So far, the U.S. isn’t on that list. But the media will crucify you, if you question their version of history.
        But in my instance, En T1 ty, takes on as many shapes and forms[as the devil desires].

  4. Robert Barricklow

    Too bad the U.S isn’t making policies in her own interests. it is as IF some other entity was in control of U.S. policy and has put it on self-destruct.

    1. Gee, who could that possibly be? Which nation do all those dual citizen congressmen actually serve? As George Carlin said, we don’t have a government, we have owners.

      1. Its horrible what has happened to this country under both repub rot and demonrats. I wouldn’t want every aspect of my government operated by duel citizens from Ireland or Italy ( my primary heritage) and would be just as disgusted, and don’t forget about that vile little midget scum running chicongo…… really hard nose Bolsheviks like obummer and his filthy ilk. db

    2. Yes, Robert who precisely are the USSA puppet masters and why all these stupid wars. When real trade would get our so called capitalist what the want there is something more afoot than meets the eye in all these wars over the centuries.

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