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Folks, I have just heard the very sad news that Jim Marrs has died.  We have lost one of the field marshals in this alternative research community.

I first met Jim at the 2009 Laughlin UFO Congress though I had been interviewed by him on Whitley Strieber's Dreamland a few times before that. We were able to spend a few very pleasant hours in his hotel room in Laughlin talking. It was like spending a few hours with a master. What he said to me that day showed just how deep and extensive his research really was, much of it which had never made it into any of his books.

Jim was a field marshal in this community to me. He marshaled sources and footnotes on the battlefield of ideas better than anyone, and was footnoting and extensively referencing his research at a time when virtually no one else in this field did. He called out the globalists and oligarchs - with copious salvos and broadsides of footnotes - at a time when few others did. No subject was taboo, no matter too dangerous for him.

He was invariably courteous and good-humored, and could sink an argument with an easy laugh and one-liner that made everyone laugh... and think.

Every soldier needs rest, including field marshals...

Rest well Jim, and know you are already deeply, deeply, missed...



  1. sad to hear it , may he be beamed up to that great cheerleaders conference in the sky (he was a cheerleader in actual fact in his youth), as for amazon who banned his (and others) latest book, you all die and you go to hell.

  2. Rest in peace Jim Marrs – ‘Rule by Secrecy’ opened many eyes including my own. The truth sets us free.

  3. Truth, integrity and courtesy DID have a place in journalism. You wouldn’t believe it given the current cultural climate, but Jim made sure we understood that this once was so.
    Some very interesting interviews available free at Rense:
    vindicating Marrs’s pioneering research into the JFK assasination.

  4. Really sad news to hear of Jim Marrs passing away. He was not only a great researcher but a great character, having seen many of his videos on YouTube etc. He has left us an important legacy. RIP Jim.

  5. Agreed, he was a shining star in the field of real journalism. He will be missed, but has left us a rich legacy of solid reporting and research. I hope he had copious notes and that someone can continue to use his research base to publish more.

    I wouldn’t make too much of a conspiracy of his passing (without evidence, anyway), as he was getting on in years. I’m more suspicious of John Bedini’s passing last Winter than Jim’s, but I don’t have any real details about either, yet.

    I would also add my condolences to his family and friends.

  6. am not convinced Marrs died entirely of natural causes; he knew too much-

    we are living in a world of deception; his kidney problems appeared just so suddenly/violently and then his sudden blindness according to certain reports-

    could it be he has written too much (like start with his newest opus “The Illuminati”) and had to be finally silenced?

    he was one of the last great journalists and one of the most intelligent men on the internet/planet:

    R.I.P. Jim Marrs

    be well all-

    Larry in Germany

  7. Dag from Ringerike

    This was sad news, I learned it tonight.

    When I was listening to Jeff Rense, Views from Marrs, one of my very much pleased podcasts, it was a warm conversation with humour and also talking about seroius subjects, science, history and politic,. I will miss it.

    Jim Marrs and Georg-Ann Hugh was my awakening to alternative understanding, what I did not could apprehend during my professional career, onliy depending on the MSM.

    But, I have several of his books in my “library”; and they are now the icons of a truth teller.

    As I said, I will miss him.


  8. I heard of Jim passing over a internet radio show I was streaming yea he will be missed. Here hoping that there will be someone to pick up the touch he dropped with his death soon.

  9. Jim Marrs was an outstanding writer and speaker, a rare combination of ability to deliver a message on paper and when speaking. His presentations drew you in because he researched and connected dots.

    Jim Marrs is no doubt researching reality and other interesting subjects on another plane. Go get’em Jim!

  10. Phil the Thrill

    Jim Marrs composed red pills. He was a special talent with a warm narrative voice who could hold the reader in thrall while, at the same time, scaring the c rap out of her. I’ve given away “The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy” and “Rule By Secrecy” to people; some of whom have thanked me profusely, and some of whom have avoided me since. Fare well, Mr. Marrs.

  11. JIm Marrs will be missed by all of us that appreciated his courage, intellect, talent and dogged determination. I’m sorry to say I never met Jim.. I did meet Jim Garrison being a former New Orleanian. However, both Garrison and Marrs took their Oaths of Office seriously and defended the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC. Thanks to them some of the most serious JFK research finally made the main stream. Happy Trails Texan!!

  12. He wore his knowledge so lightly and was a man who exuded warmth and integrity. He will be missed.

  13. This is very sad news.
    For me, death is another aspect of our existence. It’s just a transition from the soul to a higher goal. The contact between man and the “other side” remains. It’s your Higher Self that makes that contact. Jim Marrs we will miss you.

  14. Howdy: then there were two. Within my modest library of forty or so alternative research books, three authors rise to the top. Militarily speaking, Jim would be of Field Marshal rank, five stars and over all others. Whether in his books, lectures, or interviews, Jim was always so well prepared and presented.

    Jim and I were born only a few days apart so perhaps before long, I’ll get the chance to sit down and talk with him. Until then, there are those other two authors I mentioned and those boys are only in their fifties; I shouldn’t outlive them. And, I haven’t read, “Rule by Secrecy” yet. See ya, Jim

  15. I am partway through Jim’s latest book, “The Illuminati”, and have several of his books on my shelves. He has always been a truthseeker, no matter where it takes him. He fought the good fight, and showed a great deal of class while doing it. He will be greatly missed. Blessings, Jim, and thanks..

    (I would like to have been a fly on the wall when he ‘transitioned’, yin-and-yang sight wise. I expect he got an ‘honor guard’ and ‘reception’ well-beyond the norm. Well done.)

  16. Rest in peace! I was just listening to his voice on ‘ground zero’ when I heard the news. He will be missed, indeed.

  17. Slowly the old guard depart .. very sad indeed ..
    Condolences to his family .. Rest well Jim ..

  18. Joseph, I’m very sorry for your loss. Thank you for letting us all know in such a thoughtful way.

    Jim was a brave trailblazer and personally, one of the first to knock me out of my stupor. I will always be grateful to him for that.

  19. A very sad bit of news. This to me was what journalism was supposed to be. He fought well! Prayers to his family and friends.

  20. Jim, you were one heck of a writer and I have enjoyed many hours of your books and interviews. You are on another journey and I know you will enjoy it.

  21. Robert Barricklow

    Tragic and extremely sad news.
    I’ve read all his books, listened to him and saw many videos.
    Too few of his like remain. I hope others can carry his torch and continue to light the way.

  22. Jim is now on another field mission, he will travel wisely. He was a shining light and will be remembered as a true seeker of the truth. I can recommend his great book “Rule by Secrecy”, it is and will remain a classic. RIP Jim.

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