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August 2, 2017 By Joseph P. Farrell

Folks, I have just heard the very sad news that Jim Marrs has died.  We have lost one of the field marshals in this alternative research community.

I first met Jim at the 2009 Laughlin UFO Congress though I had been interviewed by him on Whitley Strieber's Dreamland a few times before that. We were able to spend a few very pleasant hours in his hotel room in Laughlin talking. It was like spending a few hours with a master. What he said to me that day showed just how deep and extensive his research really was, much of it which had never made it into any of his books.

Jim was a field marshal in this community to me. He marshaled sources and footnotes on the battlefield of ideas better than anyone, and was footnoting and extensively referencing his research at a time when virtually no one else in this field did. He called out the globalists and oligarchs - with copious salvos and broadsides of footnotes - at a time when few others did. No subject was taboo, no matter too dangerous for him.

He was invariably courteous and good-humored, and could sink an argument with an easy laugh and one-liner that made everyone laugh... and think.

Every soldier needs rest, including field marshals...

Rest well Jim, and know you are already deeply, deeply, missed...