1. gizadeathstarcommentator

    I have no inside info on this but I’d suggest that the ETs caused that crash.

    Could even be the same group that was behind the Donald Cooke incident. At that time I was very friendly with someone who had ET contacts. When I heard what happened, I asked this person if her ET buddies were behind that. She confirmed that they were wetting themselves laughing over it. That particular group are advising the Russians.

  2. Another over priced over complicated piece of junk bites the dust. Oh well it was headed for the junk pile just hoping it’s replacement works and the video screens for it remote control pilots show sharper images so they know what they are shooting at.

  3. Simple, and frightening. The Deep State (I guess that’s the accepted term now) is doing what FDR did to bait in Hitler and Hirohito, unsuccessfully in the former case, like clockwork in the latter. A series of diplomatic and economic provocations, while also telegraphing the appearance of weakness. The hidden economy needs a world war to clean up the books. Unlike FDR, this time it’s being done by a “shadow government”, undermining the legitimate President and Congress in the process.

    1. Phil the Thrill

      No, no, no. The NYT and Salon both insist that there is no deep state. They admit it seems as though there is, but they adamantly deny that there actually is. And methinks they doth not protest too much. ;^)

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