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      1. Robert Barricklow

        Just as Dr. Farrell alerted to in
        his News & Views From the Nefarium.


        Read the article: Gold Oil Dollars Russia & China
        The only factor keeping the dollar from dollar
        from total collapse is the U.S. Military
        [Fitz Cook[ed] ?

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Just go to
      [Also in reply directly above]
      Read the article entitled[not as yet entangled]
      Gold Oil Dollars Russia and China.


      As Dr. Farrell’s Post states.

  1. (I havent seen the webcast yet.. but just seeing AS and ex-USSR together.. why Afganistan must be laughing it’s head off… If NATO hadnt turned it into a smack factory..so instead they’re probably puking in corners in badly lit basements selling their children to soldiers for the next hit..

    Well.. covert visits to Isreal for the Saudis.. or Quatar.. no one seems to know for sure..


    I’m sure Putin and al-Saudi have 20 billion reasons to sit down at the table..
    “Gulf sovereign wealth funds have earmarked at least $20bn for investment in Russia, according to Kirill Dmitriev, head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund”

    ” Our co-investors include India, China, Middle East and some other countries. There will be deals in oil, transport and logistics, transport infrastructure, mining and healthcare.”

    This isnt the first time that Russia has met with an Arabian royal family member though…


    1. HA !!! Even during an Arms Deal, Putin will NOT de dictated to ..

      “Russia tried to broker a lucrative arms deal with Saudi Arabia in 2012, when the Gulf kingdom signed a preliminary agreement worth $20 billion, Chemezov said.

      That deal stalled when Saudi attached stipulations contrary to Russian interests, including a demand that Russia not sell C-300 long-range surface-to-air missiles to Iran.

      In an act of defiance President Putin removed all legal barriers to the export of the C-300 and sold the system to Iran for an estimated $1 billion.”

      TAKE THAT Al Saudi..

  2. Is this a signal the House Of Saud is looking and shopping for someone to save them. From the mess, they created in Yemen that might bring the circus of death they created in Africa-Western-Central Asia too.

  3. Very soon now disgruntled Anglo-American oligarch foundations and media will “discover” – oh my who would have guessed it? – that Arabia is governed by beheading, flogging, civilian-bombing and térr0r supporting barbarians. To clinch that list add “Russia-loving”…

  4. This ‘visit’ has deeper players in the shadows, but the Saudis ultimately did it to themselves. (Karma’s a b!tch.)

    America gained energy independence through fracking technology (ugh), which was profitable at the rapacious price the Saudis were demanding for their cheaply-obtained oil. The Saudis didn’t like that, so initiated a price war at an oil-price set to bankrupt the frackers. However, the frackers were able to optimize their processes for costs and run production flat-out to generate enough cash to meet loans. No profits, but few bankruptcies.

    As this dragged on, the Saudis found themselves with a cash-flow problem. The sheikdom had used oil-proceeds to buy-off their populace with various ‘perks’, so they could not cut the population loose – the way capitalists could – without risking flare-ups. Plus, the Sunni leadership were monetarily-supporting any possible anti-Shia movement in the Middle East. Costly.

    The plan had been to bankrupt the frackers and then return oil prices to Saudi glory days. In the meantime, though, something unforeseen happened. The US and Iran worked-out a way to drop sanctions against Iran – including oil. Suddenly, the Iranians started pumping oil like there was no tomorrow. Say, oil glut. So now, the mostly-Shia Iranians controlled the price of oil – and kept it low. (Did I say, Karma’s a b!tch?)

    Hence, the never-before trip by the Saudi king to Russia…

    (A long-term side-effect of the selling of 16 nuclear reactors by the Russians to the Saudis could be the possibility of ‘clandestine’ fuel-enrichment to bomb-quality. Then, both Saudi Arabia & Iran must engage in a race to build nukes because of the Sunni-Shia religious split – very similar to the India & Pakistan race to build nukes because of Hindu-Muslim animosity. Reminds me of “Dune” and the use of family nukes on Arrakis in the Atreides-Harkonnen ‘split’…)

    (I also hope the Russians do a due-process finding on the Saudi oilfields before buying shares. The fact that the Saudi leadership is ‘branching-out’ may mean that the oilfields are mostly tapped-out. I hope the Russians are not being HAD in their eagerness to insert-themselves into local politics…)

    1. There was also the drum-roll in the controlled MSM with the meme that the Saudis were behind 9/11 (rolls over, laughing & crying). Plus, the Bill pas sing in the controlled Congress allowing seizure of Saudi as sets in the US if families could prove Saudi involvement in 9/11. The Saudi leadership may have caught the scent in the wind that they were about to be thrown under the (Zionist) bus. Hence, the never-before trip by the Saudi king to Russia…

      1. I just watched a video on youtube of a man named Mark Taylor who said the reason we are selling arms to Saudi Arabia is for their protection, because the oil fields are drying up. They won’t be big players in the game anymore.

  5. Video states 14:20 but then only goes for 0.01 and gives an error. Tried it directly on YouTube and received the same outcome.

    1. I had the same type of glitch with this video. It has 14:20 registered and a blank screen stating that “Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available.” And then to check about HTML5. Same message on YouTube. I have an up-to-date copy of FireFox.

      I was able to get the video by downloading it from YouTube via “Video DownloadHelper” in FireFox and then viewing it using “VLC Media Player”.

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