September 21, 2017 By Joseph P. Farrell

Is Cuba to blame for the "sonic attacks" on American diplomatic personnel in Havana? Joseph doesn't think so:

The damning evidence Cuba's launched a sci-fi sonic weapon at America

(The following timeline of sonic weapons stories was compiled for our recent Members' Area dialogues which included a discussion of this topic:

Timeline of Press on Sonic Weapons

  • Mid-Nov 2016 - Sonic weapons reported in use in ‘health attacks’ against US diplomats in Cuba
  • 2015 - Military testing announced again
  • 2014 - European Space Agency mentions having acoustic technology that could conceivably be lethal
  • 2012 - American LRAD device deployed in London during Olympics
  • 2012 Chicago deploys LRAD against protesters at NATO summit
  • 2011 NYC deploys LRAD against Occupy Wall Street protesters
  • 2009 Pittsburg deploys LRAD against protestors at Crowd of 20 meeting
  • 2009 JNWLD testing PASS with some success (extremely low power needs, very high peak power)
  • 2007 Original scheduled release of JNLWD PEP
  • 2005 Cruise Lines deploying sonic weapons against pirates
  • 2005 Stellar Photonics working on precision sound weapon (PASS system)
  • 2004 JNLWD PEP project vanishes
  • 2004 Navy tests plasma’s capability as missile deflector
  • 2002 JNLWD funds development of Pulsed Energy Projectile (New Scientist)
  • 2000 Sonic weapons used by US Navy after USS Cole attack (and in Iraq after that)