6 thoughts on “TIDBIT: BRAIN HACKING”

  1. Advanced technology is going to save the human race but it’s obvious to see that it’s destroying us mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It’s destroying our planet… our home. In just the past 50 years, the www has encircled earth with billions of unnatural, synthetic, artificial frequencies. Our future looks like a virtual reality game.

      1. I had to look up matryoshka; . “another term for Russian doll. ‘The space doll – a matryoshka, or traditional Russian nesting doll – is actually a close-to-lifesize head and torso made of soft material to simulate human tissue, with embedded sensors to measure radiation exposure.’…..
        I knew what Russian dolls were but I was surprised by Oxford dictionary definition. The goal to transform human beings into robotic machines is gaining speed. In only one generation our atmosphere has went digital (artifical) verses analog (nature). The food we’re eating and the chem trail air we’re breathing might just be making us a receptor.

  2. Perfect toys from those non-Earth AIs that are lurking out there, wanting very much for us to say “yes” to their gifts.

  3. Slightly off…. topic: a “Farrellesque” headline seen in a major Rome paper today about a human head transplant supposedly due to take place in China. This follows the claim by an Italian surgeon that he intends to perform one by next year…

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