1. Heart of the article:
    “Instead of trying to control plasma with just a 2D magnetic field, which is the approach used by the more common tokamak reactors, the stellerator works by generating twisted, 3D magnetic fields.
    This allows stellerators to control plasma without the need for any electrical current – which tokamaks rely on – and as a result, it makes stellerators more stable, because they can keep going even if the internal current is interrupted.”

    I immediately thought of the photos of the Sun with its twisted-up magnetic fields. 3D rather than 2D. Einstein once said, “Everything must be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler.” It sounds like the German scientists have adopted this principle. Good luck to them!

  2. There is another possibility that this technology like fission reactors is just another weapon of mass destruction. Hiding in plain sight to be used at future time to rid the World of us useless eaters by our elites. It’s too expensive, too complex and dangerous a white elephant for producing energy.

  3. Never underestimate German technology. But I would like to put in an order for a TINY fusion machine to live off the grid. Of course, the MASSIVE version is good for an industrial complex or two, or three…

    1. Not unless you have a fake rubber factory that churns out enriched uranium.. and if they’ve german logiked it.. they’ll probably have 100 of them to make it quicker.

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