1. What if MH370 – DID have chip prototypes/exotic chip technology visa vi the diego garcia version of the story but it didn’t matter – wouldn’t that be something important enough from a breakaway perspective to collateralize the damage upon the other passengers re: MH17?

    The underbelly would be why would you transport such a critical piece of equipment through commercial channels and not highly/more secure military/diplomatic channels? I would be hard pressed to answer it save for – hiding in plain site and/or they did not believe “we” were capable of that much collateral damage over a computer chip? Or its the tail wagging the dog and the chinese downed it (to get said chips from US contractors) and blackwashed the story…

    I tend to agree with the Dr in that the US Inc already has it in a few flavors most likely so the chinese are behind – and there is a base reason – that book on eastern and western mind differences profoundly impacted me reading that shortly after exiting college – western minds break things down where the east build them all up into one…the west simply has a bigger lead in the research at present…

    1. There was an interesting brainwave-study a few decades back on musical instruments East & West. It turned out that ‘refined’ instruments like violins and trumpets were processed by the brain in the intellectual left-half, while ‘natural’ instruments like the koto and shamisen were processed by the brain in the instinctual, holistic right-half. Exposure to these ‘conditioning devices’ while growing-up might contribute to “eastern and western mind differences”…

  2. When you read the above article note what China stated in this 9/9/17 article:


    China has been a leader in quantum technologies, which eliminate the possibility of wiretapping and secure communication. In early September, it was announced the Beijing-Shanghai quantum communication network has met requirements to open for service.

    The 2,000-km network, the world’s first, will be used for secure data transmission in the military, finance and government affairs fields.

  3. Could this be the solution to subspace communication a la Star Trek as well as secure information and financial transfer?

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