October 21, 2017 By Joseph P. Farrell

Every now and then there is a sign that things aren't as bad as the corporate controlled media make them out to be. To be sure, the parade of elderly flannel-mouthed "statesmen" continue to mumble their way onto our television screens - Senatrix Steinfein, Elizabeth What's her name, Bernie the Bolshevik - and then there's the Mensheviks: Senator Grahamcracker, and what's-his-name from Kentucky who always sounds to me like he's trying to talk through a mouth full of cotton after a few fingers of Scotch. To paraphrase William F. Buckley somewhat (though not entirely) out of context, they spread their squid-like ink of confusion on their flower-strewn march through the institutions, screwing the people, enriching themselves, and pretending to act for the benefit of the rest of us, while the real criminals continue to get away with trillions in missing money, or a trail of dead bodies, or funding social justice "warriors" and "color revolutions". It's the vast hypocrisy of these people that is so amazing. You can now smell the stench through the radio speakers or television screens, they are so obviously corrupt. And the corruption has addled their minds and wills. They have little of either left. What they have is a sense of privilege, aided and abetted by their profound sociopathy and narcissism.

Which brings me to today's story shared by Mr. B.H. Granted, there's no high octane speculation here. Perhaps it's more of a fantasy. A dream, the sort of dream you have when you imagine an America where the Senatrix or the guy from Kentucky talking through mouthfuls of cotton, or the wacky Prime Minister in Ottawa lecturing everyone on the virtues of tolerating intolerance, just aren't there any more because they're just laughed off the stage; they're dismissed; they're rejected for the corrupt (and stupid, and cowardly) phylogenetically impaired missteps that they are. It's a world where "hired crisis actors" no longer "stage events" that nonetheless turn violent and ugly. It's a world where the corrupt foundations and their controlling oligarch or oligarchs have been told to leave, to leave now, to take your billions, your social justice Gramscian Marxist policies, your globaloney dogmas, the staged events, the crisis actors, and just leave...

It's a world, in other words, very much like the Austria of the recently-elected Austrian Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz - a mere thirty-one years old - has recently informed the various organizations of Darth Soros to quit Austria immediately:

World's Youngest Leader Bans George Soros from Austria: 'Rothschild Next'

What's remarkable here is that Herr Kurz is not only a mere 31 years old and now the Austrian Chancellor, he previously served as that nation's Foreign Minister... at the ripe old age of 27. And unlike Mad Madam Merkel, he apparently knows whence some of his country's ills stem. In fact, Herr Kurz's election follows a weak showing by Mad Madam Merkel at the polls, leaving her cabinet bereft of the weightier presences of former Foreign Minister Steinmeir and now the former German Finance Minister Schauble, and with Frauke Petry's Alternativ fur Deutschland party with ca  90 seats in the Bundestag. Petry, a comparatively "older" politician, is 42.

Similar rumblings come from the Czech republic, where defiance of the EU is being openly proposed in favor for more "nationalist" policies; Poland has already openly flouted the EU's immigration policies which have driven these movements of revolt, and of course, in neighboring Hungary, Viktor Orban has not only endorsed the same views, but has also been focusing his government's attentions on Darth Soros as a behind-the-scenes agent provocateur of the madness for some time.

What's intriguing to contemplate is that while the various corporate media organs will attempt to tar all this with the brush of "populism" and "dangerous nationalism" and of course toss around the word "fascism" with reckless abandon, Europeans - be they Germans, Austrians, Hungarians, Poles, Czechs, Dutch, Swiss, French &c - are increasingly reacting to the cultural policies of Mr. Globaloney, and rejecting them. It is, perhaps, quite telling that many of the politicians that have led this opposition are a generation or two - or in Herr Kurz's case, three - younger than the stodgy, stuffy, flannel-mouthed "corrupt business as usual" crowd that we've all become accustomed to (think Mad Madam Merkel once again).

What will eventually come of all of this is anyone's guess. I certainly don't know. But every now and then it's nice to dream of a situation in which the crony crapitalists and their "philanthropic foundations" have been told to "get out... now."

See you on the flip side...