October 24, 2017 By Joseph P. Farrell

A few days ago I blogged about nanochips and a potential "nanochipping" agenda and its potentials for mind and behavior control on whole populations, along with the potentials for hacking that control. Well, Ms. P.H. found an extremely intriguing article and shared it - another "whopper doozie" - and this one is also worth bringing to your attention, for it heralds a whole new field of "engineering,"  that of 'cognitive engineering' via neurophysics and genetic engineering:

New Research Reveals Genetic Engineering Strategies for Elevating Human Consciousness

As noted, the essence of this new field is an alliance of "neuro-physics" (for want of a better term), and genetic engineering itself:

Cognitive physics reveals seminal new discoveries about the nature of awareness and its interactions with human neurology. It expresses the fundamental laws of awareness and its relationship with neurology in quantitative terms using scientific equations. Its axioms and formulas reveal cardinal laws governing the dynamic interplay between consciousness and the physical universe. These insights yield genetic engineering strategies for optimizing the brain’s neurological substrates for cognition.


Cognitive physics supplies CRISPR with the world’s first set of blueprints for reprogramming human DNA to enhance conscious awareness. It informs CRISPR how to modify neural pathways to generate brainwave signatures which resemble the patterns commonly found in neuroimaging studies of expanded awareness states.
(Emphasis Added)

The implication - and the high octane speculation - here is that the neural-imaging and physics of brain-and-information processing interaction can now actually serve as "targeting information" for genetic modification of DNA to create, more or less permanent states of "elevated consciousness." Of course, this leaves open the question of who gets to define what "elevated consciousness" is; a Buddhist monk or a Catholic mystic might and probably would have a very different understanding of this than would a transhumanist of the Ray Kurzweil technocratic mold.

Much more importantly, however, this "cognitive engineering" could and probably will impact the whole field of mind control technologies in a very insidious way, for it would allow the specific individual to be targeted, and his or her individual consciousness "engineered" according to the wants of the engineers. One might speak of a kind of DNA-mental resonance, which this technology could then exploit or modify in various ways. And of course, one could gather all kinds of genetic data from - you guessed it - nanochips surreptitiously slipped into people via their food and drink supply, vaccines, and so on.

The real question is: why the sudden urge to develop these technologies that I've been blogging about this week? The answer of course, is pure speculation, but nonetheless the answer seems rather obvious: people are "waking up" and no longer unquestionably buying the (often ridiculous) narratives being fed out of certain events, like airplane fuel bringing down the Twin Towers, or the "Lee Harvey Paddock lone nut" templates. In other words, it's not so much the information or narrative that has to be controlled but the response(s) to it. Indeed, the "information age" has really demonstrated the recalcitrant and stubborn nature of humanity: confronted by nonsense, humans will seek more information and develop alternative narratives that make more rational sense to them. It has also demonstrated that the old technique of controlling the information is no longer feasible in the Ipad-internet age. It took years for JFK assassination researchers not only to break down the official narrative, but to disseminate their results widely enough that a substantial portion of the population no longer accepts the official narrative but entertains alternative views. Today, narratives begin to break down almost immediately, and the cynicism of the public to official narratives since 9/11 has grown to the point that narratives are questioned almost as soon as they are put out. Information management and control as a measure of population control and social engineering is no longer feasible. One can no longer manipulate information as effectively; one must manipulate the response to it.

Hence, the powers that be have turned to mind control, and engineering people and their genetic information, and their cognitive states, directly.

All the more reason to be on guard when "they" come calling to tell you they want to put stuff into your body, and that it's not harmful and it's really for your own good.

See you on the flip side...