9 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM OCT 19 2017”

  1. Robert Barricklow

    Local news in Las Vegas has been pushing hard on security; specifically the body scans, metal detectors, etc., etc.,

    What a genuine surprise!

    1. Hundreds of security cameras in Vegas yet media isn’t showing any pictures of our pasty bringing in luggage or gambling. No t.v. interviews at the five hospitals of hundreds of injured people being brought in. The more security ‘they’ have, the less security we have.

  2. No one is buying this one, and they aren’t even making much of an effort to be convincing. They’re putting a steaming pile on the table, changing it for an even bigger steaming pile every five minutes, and are saying it’s already settled, over and done, bon appetit!

    I doubt Jesus Chas Bono Campos, the security guard who popped up on Ellen! is even who they say he is. I doubt Campos has citizenship for one, and I doubt he was shot as they said he was, as 200 rounds from an AR-15 would destroy both the door and the hallway fired at close range , and I doubt the whole story around him.

    The coroner apparently is not a pathetic clown like that weird laughing creep in the Newtown, CT psyop and has to be locked up (or down), or the armed siege is a good excuse to keep everyone away from getting at the coroner and investigating the truth. I’m sure all public records will be sealed.

    You can go onto any online forum with up/down votes and see that no one is buying this. It is 100 to one in favor of disbelief on the Daily Mail, the salt of the earth news site that caters more to the Kardashians’ cellulite than to news. The only people supporting the “narrative” are obvious plants and paid shills, with nothing to offer to support their staged and stilted support. They are overwhelmingly down-voted and mocked.

    Perhaps the fabricators of these false flags and made-for-TV crises just don’t care that they aren’t believed and will continue on producing them, like so many mini-series, until they reach their goals regardless.

    But I think already this one has failed and is unraveling for the world to see. It is sloppy and full of bs and stinks to high heaven. It further alienates the public trust and further erodes the social compact. I think soon enough one of these local police chiefs or sheriffs will be on live TV and just say the heck with it and blurt out the truth. Watch for it, it’s coming.

    1. This story is some badly conceived that finding someone who believes it is more difficult than finding someone who believes in the flat earth. I’m purposely disregarding the shills–these morons will always be with us. Within my circle of friends and family the official story is mocked and scorned nearly universally–so anyone who endorses it does so at their own peril! That’s a significant change.

      Jade Helm is one known operation whose purpose is not well know. At the time it appeared to have an Operation Northwoods character to it. Other interpretations were offered on the table for consideration–including the idea of preparations for a domestic Gladio. Is Jade Helm related to the LV massacre in some way? I’ve not seen the question asked yet…

  3. anakephalaiosis

    Replay of 9/11. The study of the mindset of a mafia oligarch shows a gambler, that is caught in the game. He is addicted to play high stakes, and he tries feverishly to minimize his risks.

    The mafia oligarch is always looking over his shoulder in fear of being caught cheating. He uses hired killers to set up his game. In his imperial global casino, countries are chips.

    Recommended solution: Straitjacket.

  4. Also the weirdness of security guard Jesus Campos disappearing before the Fox news interview and then his re-emergence on Ellen Degenerate’s show, of all outlets. I think I was half listening to A. Jones’ and heard that Ellen is a stockholder of MGM, Mandalay Bay. Hmmmmm, indeed, if true…

  5. Dr. Farrell, Jason Goodman, of Crowd Source the Truth (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Cl9QaRtuW9CNjP7pP4BBQ) the man who posted the Las Vegas coroner story has been working closely with George Webb (https://www.youtube.com/user/georgwebb) in breaking the story of the Pakistani spy ring in Congress and the Dept. of Defense. Please see their extensive reporting. Webb, has worked with a huge group of online fellow investigators, and over the last 364 days, has, himself , posted 1500 videos about his crowd sourced investigation. The best part of the American Soul & Experience steps forward.

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