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As if the California fires couldn't possibly be any stranger, one man took this picture (shared by Mr. B.H.), of a tree burning from the inside out, which might be possible if they absorb all the metal particulate of the chemtrail spraying, acting like antennae for ambient electrical and microwave energy...



  1. I’ve posted this to facebook asking my first responder friends to both read and view the videos. Is it a coincidence that the new weather war movie opens this week? Doc, I filed this one in the WTF file, which seems to be over flowing lately!

  2. You can see that it is an old pine (softwood) which has obviously had its core rot out from some earlier trauma decades ago (internal rot from a lightning strike or a large lost limb which allowed insects and fungus to enter). You can see how for years the living outer layers have tried to bridge a spot where a limb was lost, making a pillowing around the tear-shaped hole, where flames are now protruding.

    On my parents’ property, we had 2 old sugar maples like this, 200+ years old, one so hollowed out that only half the trunk still stood. It lived like that for 50+ years until a wind storm finally took it down last year. These sorts of trees are quite common, and it’s no surprise that the dead heartwood of an old pine in a drought situation would burn before the rest of the tree.

      1. Well, perhaps not within 10-20 yards of that spot but the fires are burning in large areas and it is exactly trees with this sort of dry rot that will catch fire first and spread the flames.

        I think sometimes people go overboard. An old pine with dry rot burning in California during a period of raging wildfires is to my mind HARDLY the stuff of conspiracy.

        I just don’t see it. Nature does lots of weird stuff, and this is TOTALLY within the realm of the commonplace. If you grew up in the country, you would think, “Well, okay, I’ve never seen that but it sure doesn’t surprise me. “

  3. This isn’t unusual at all, I’ve seen it many times here in SE Georgia. Many old trees are dead in the center, especially old oaks. Fires can start inside them from spontaneous combustion, lightning strikes, or from sparks from surrounding fires. You can travel the countryside here and see many of them burned in the center, a lot of them still alive.

    1. WD, I was told by the locals around Fort Benning (took my Ranger training there) that nothing is higher than a Georgia pine. I bet those old pines of some 55 years ago are gone. I loved those pines. I never got that high while on leave. lol

      1. There isn’t much remaining of the old growth, long leaf pine trees. One managed forest, occasional wild trees, and every now and then someone will replant with long leaf pine. It is, by far, the best of the pines. I have reclaimed quite a bit of it from old tobacco barns and two old houses and have used it to make Hope Chests from, among other things.

    2. Oops hit the report button by mistake. I was a volunteer firefighter from 1985 – 2005. From 2000 onward I’ve been working as a paid wildland firefighter . This is very common for all the above stated reasons, however, what actually started these internal fires remains to be seen. Lightning would be my first guess but since this website is what it is, we have to ask what caused the lightning? Will a dew weapon cause this or do they need metal or a quartz material nearby?

      1. Lasers can be used to provide pin point accuracy from lightning strikes. Kinda gives a whole new meaning to “struck down by God”. Just which “God” are they referring to?

  4. Robertus_Maximus

    Hi All,
    It is weird, yes. It may be a lightening strike as it’s a big tree and may have been taller than his (Or her) neighbours. It may also have been a root fire. Smouldering fires travel underground in dead roots then break out into fire with oxygen when they fine an older, dead tree. Or it might be a space based weapon. Why they tossed it into a tree is beyond me. They have a whole State on fire, why not calibrate it on some poor schmuck’s house. Not saying it is, not saying it aint, just damn weird.
    My $0.02 CDN

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