cosmic war


November 10, 2017 By Joseph P. Farrell

As you can probably tell if you've been reading my blogs this past week, I've been in a really speculative mood lately, and entertaining all sorts of strange and weird notions, from Russian DNA and NGOs, to the JFK documents release and its very weird (but to me, at least, not surprising) list of contents. And I've been starting my blogs with high octane speculations.

Today is no different, but I'm crawling out on the the very end of a twig, with in turn is anchored to a sheer precipice from which it grows. I am like Wile E. Coyote in those crazy "Road Runner" cartoons we used to watch as children, I've run off the cliff manage to keep running in thin air...

... until I look down, at which point, I plummet to the desert floor, and a little mushroom cloud of dust marks my impact.

That's the way it is today, folks, with my high octane speculation, so don't look down.

What prompts my speculation today are two articles, this one shared by Ms. O.S.:

And this one, shared by Mr. H.B.:

Is Planet Earth Being Terraformed by Non-Humans?

Concerning the latter article, the author, an aptly-named "Buck Rogers," wonders if the missing money, the mountain of debt, really reflects an off planet source. Regular readers here, or for that matter, listeners to my interviews, will know I've entertained a similar idea with respect to the financial system: we're missing much of it, a lot of it is in the hidden system, and much of that in turn seems to depend on the collateralization of space assets.

But there's a few paragraphs in this second article that really grabbed my attention and herewith my high-octane speculations:

But if you expand the realm of possibility when trying to comprehend all of this, it actually makes more sense that the driving forces behind such wholesale destruction of the planet aren’t from here. Those pressing for all of this aren’t  dependent on these ecosystems for life.

Perhaps our earth is being used by off-planet entities for its resources, and the planet is being actively terraformed to maximize the efficiency of resource extraction.

Terraforming is, “the hypothetical process of deliberately modifying its [a planet’s] atmosphere, temperature, surface topography or ecology to be similar to the environment of Earth to make it habitable by Earth-like life.” They use the term hypothetical because as far as we know it has never been done, however, a holistic look at events on earth at present fit the description of terraforming, except in reverse. Earth is being terraformed to look like some other place. (Italicized emphasis added, boldface emphasis in the original)

Now, all of this brings me to the first article, and to a speculation I've advanced before, namely, that there are indications that artificial intelligence is already here (and no, I'm not talking about Sophia and its recently acquired Saudi citizenship, nor about the Russian AI that recently indicated that it thought Stalin had some "happening ideas", although I am intrigued that both these AIs have expressed such destructive ideas... Sophia, amid the blithering platitudes also indicated that it or she also thought destroying humanity was a good idea). That first article indicates that AI would be the most likely extra-terrestrial intelligence we would encounter, and that for a very specific reason:

So, if you imagined aliens as small humanoid beings, with a massive elongated head, almond shaped-eyes, who have a weird obsession of ‘sticking probes’ up people’s bums, then you are going to be disappointed.

A new study titled “Alien Minds” by Professor Susan Schneider from the University of Connecticut and the Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton discusses a theory of how first contact would be with an extraterrestrial race—robotic extraterrestrial race—which is billions of years old.


Schneider says, “I do not believe that most advanced alien civilizations will be biological. The most sophisticated civilizations will be post-biological, forms of artificial intelligence or alien superintelligence.”

In other words, Professor Schneider is arguing that alien civilizations will opt for the "transhumanist" future many on Earth are advocating: a "merger" with machines and eventually, a transfer of individual consciousness to a machine/robot/computer.

In reading these two  articles, a thought - or rather, another high octane speculation - occurred to me, namely, that such beings would explain two features one encounters in those pesky ancient texts which speak of "gods" coming down and intermingling with humanity. Those two features are something that have been dismissed by academics (of course) as nothing but ancient "science fiction" or the "mythological imagination run amok." The first feature is that the "gods" lived to extreme ages, in excess in some cases of hundreds of thousands of years. The transhumanists propose their cyborg-human interfaces precisely in order to reach "virtual immortality" or at the very least, extreme longevity.

The second feature, however, is to my mind the much more interesting one. In those ancient texts, the "gods" appear to have - in most cases - little to no regard for human life, and are willing to inflict death on a planet-wide scale (think only of the various versions of the Flood myth). In this, they exhibit some of the cold-metallic, machine-like characteristics we've seen displayed by Sophia and the Russian AI. And in the final analysis, a cyborg, or a machine, wouldn't need to bother about "ecosystems" for its survival, but only on the ability to mine and manufacture its "spare parts."

High octane speculation? To be sure, but the problem is, it makes sense of a number of disturbing datapoints, both ancient and modern, in a very unique way, and manages to connect those datapoints, both ancient and modern, in a model that makes sense of the most disparate and discrete types of seemingly very unconnected data.

(And here, let it be noted, I could invoke Ockham, but I won't, since I believe that to be a terribly flawed epistemology.)

See you on the flip side...