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November 8, 2017 By Joseph P. Farrell

I knew as soon as I saw my email inbox starting to fill with various versions of this story, that I would be blogging about it. So thanks to all of you who sent this along.

What's the story? Well, amid that tranche of documents released by President Trump concerning the JFK assassination, there appear to be documents concerning the CIA receiving reports about Adolf Hitler being alive in South America. The documents themselves, as I noted last week, do not appear to do anything to settle the issue, but they do appear to confirm more or less the broad outlines of what JFK assassination researchers carefully argued over the years: yes, it was a conspiracy and yes, Oswald had some sort of connection to American intelligence. In fact, as I write this blog, like my blog last week, I am writing with the radio on listening to a popular American talk show, and again, the show is interviewing a well-known JFK assassination conspiracy skeptic, an individual who defends the basic premise of the Warren Report. In other words, an effort appears to be underway to "spin" the release as confirming the nonsense of the "official narrative".

But in the midst of this release, we have the curious business of CIA reports about Adolf Hitler:

Shock CIA files reveal Hitler 'STILL ALIVE'…and there are PICTURES to prove it

Now, in spite of the fact that the so-called pictures of post-war Adolf living in the lap of luxury in South America do not prove anything - consider only this one apparently by Stepan Prsten for a few laughs, for example -

the document itself is interesting in that it purports to report a "Hitler sighting" in Columbia that was related by a former SS officer. Again, this is far short of proof of anything other than that the CIA was doing what any intelligence agency worth its salt would do with such a report: pass it along to headquarters. Such American intelligence documents about Hitler and Bormann have been around for a while, and the FBI documents also raise similar issues: the reports of surviving high-ranking Nazis in South America were a subject of interest to post-war American intelligence. Again, as they should be. They only attain evidentiary value, however, when combined with other data and argument. They corroborate the survival hypothesis, but they fall far short of proving or establishing it.

But I suspect that this isn't the real problem here.

The real problem is: just what the heck is this document doing in a tranche of documents supposedly about the assassination of President Kennedy? If - as some American talk shows are now desperate to convince us - the documents do nothing but prove the Warren Report, then what the dickens is a document about Adolf Hitler surviving in Columbia doing in the release? If the document was genuinely and intentionally filed with the JFK materials, then what the heck does Hitler have to do with JFK, beyond the fact that in his diary, President Kennedy expressed doubts about the Hitler-suicide-in-the-bunker story? We could, of course, be looking at a plain and simply case that the document was simply misfiled, or even at a case of a bit of intelligence agency humor of a deliberately planted document: "Ok... since what's his name wants to force the release, let them have fun with this one."

You get the idea, and I wouldn't put it past them, either. In fact, I can even see a case for them doing that on the day of the assassination itself, with the carefully placed news references to the murder weapon first being a German-made Mauser, and then an Italian-made Mannlicher-Carcano: "Let's really misdirect them and plant this bit of obfuscation."

The problem is, of course, when one wants to entertain the "intelligence agencies having fun planting documents and other false leads in the evidence" theory, that it begins quickly to fray around the edges, especially as one encounters Jack Ruby's warnings about the come-back of Fascism and a "whole new form of government" being emplaced (Gee... nothing Fascist looking about post-JFK assassination America, is there?), or when one encounters the strange presence of the goings-on in New Orleans, Dr. Mary Sherman, Dr. Alton Ochsner (and his famous patient Juan Peron), or Lee Harvey Oswald's notebook containing the telephone number and address of the president of the American Nazi Party, George Lincoln Rockwell, or even the oft-overlooked problem that the Warren Report mentions one of Oswald's marine buddies who heard him speaking not just Russian, but German as well, and you get the picture: there are little-known oddities about the assassination that are not widely discussed, even in the assassination research and revision community.

Which brings us back to this strange Hitler-survival-story document squatting in the middle of the JFK documents release.  When viewed in the above context, it's not accidental, and would thus tend to confirm my argument made in LBJ and the Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy that there is a lurking Fascist element  and involvement that no one wants to touch.

See you on the flip side...