1. Robert Barricklow

    The so-called nuclear war frame is past tense.
    The new military paradigm is electromagnetic warfare.
    This is enabled, in-part, by spraying tons of chemtrails worldwide.
    These chemicals/nano-biologicals/nano metallic materials and their ilk,
    are the primary cause of “global warming”.
    SDI was cover for this electromagnetic warfare frame; and the coming/ongoing genocide, in conjunction with the other programs – black ops, like GMOs, etc., etc.
    Dead men tell no tales.

  2. I noticed how there’s a link to a 20 dead scientists connected with SDI research video at the end of this list as well.

  3. Mageret sent this up on community last year. The pattern is.. Holistic..
    I just don’t know which side these people are on.

    1. Ah no.. this is different.. microbiologists?
      In which case.. the pattern is.. Bill Gates.. and mysterious bubonic plagues and ebola outbreaks in Africa

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