December 1, 2017 By Joseph P. Farrell

Over the years, in some books (The Third Way particularly), and in some interviews and members' vidchats, I have been proposing that the idea of "deep data correlation experiments" might conceivably be being done in connection with systems that most people typically do not view as being connected. That's just me; I'm an "open systems" kind of guy in that I view all systems, physical systems particularly, as being "deeply entangled," if I may resort to that phrase. It's a kind of "systems" approach to the "butterfly" effect, such that seemingly disparate activities might show deep correlations, say, between market activities and the planetary magnetic field, or solar storms, and so on.  I've proposed this idea in connection to CERN, its large magnetic fields, and even proposed that the so-called "Mandela Effect" might be a manifestation of such "macro-cosmic data correlation" experiments (see Interview with Bernard Glover on the Mandela Effect).

Well, thanks to the ever-watchful eye of Mr. T.M., who found these two links, there is some evidence that something like what I have been proposing may indeed be taking place:

The CIA studied the impact of space storms on psychic powers

How a Sun Weather Lull Affects Earth

While the latter article is from 2011, viewed in the context of the first article, it suggests this idea of "non-obvious correlated systems". The first article indeed doesn't suggest that such correlations are being studied, but rather, declares explicitly that they are:

In late 2016 then-President Barack Obama signed an Executive Order on geomagnetic storm preparedness. His plan, co-chaired by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Department of Homeland Security, and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, focused exclusively on guiding the country through damages to our power grid, which could cause an estimated $12 trillion in damages.

Apparently the Central Intelligence Agency took the issue with lack of concern over solar flare-induced psychic phenomena, however, dedicating part of its 824 page risk report on it.

The first part of the document, released to Michael Morisy, is entitled “Geomagnetic Factors in Subjective Telepathic, Precognitive and Postmortem Experiences.” It’s just as bizarre as one might expect.

Citing multiple other studies, the report contends that a decrease in geomagnetic activity causes either the occurrence or just the memory of an occurrence (it’s unsure which), of increased telepathy, but only about death and other crises.

The pdf of the file (which can be accessed here: Geomagnetic Factors in Spontaneous Subjective Telepathic, Precognitive and Postmortem Experiences) is a stunner of confirmation. There's this from the Abstract of the study:

This study was designed to test the reliability of the observation that (spontaneous) subjective telepathic experiences concerning death and crises have occurred on days when the geomagnetic activity was quieter than the days before or afterwards.

And there's this from the introduction:

Several studies (Persinger, 1985a; 1986; Schaut & Persinger, 1985a,b) have shown that subjective telepathic experiences tend to occur on days when the geomagnetic activity is quieter than the days before or after the experiences.

And so on.

While this tends to confirm my hypothesis that these types of studies are being done, and tends to confirm my corollary hypothesis that these studies would be done secretly since the data amassed would be a treasure trove for people intent on manipulating events and a very fundamental level, it does fall short of my specific coupling of the idea of "data correlation experiments" being done in conjunction with CERN operations, or that the Mandela Effect might be the manifestation of such experiments. What would corroborate the more detailed aspects of my hypotheses and speculations?

Very simple: if FOIA searches ever turned up evidence of documents or studies of such correlations in conjunction with those phenomena, predating the time I first advanced the idea (about 3-4 years ago), then we would have very explicit confirmation.

In any case, this sort of stuff is the sort of stuff one might do if one had (1) massive computing power to track such correlations in real time, and (2) if one were part of a "profoundly deep state" tracking the cosmological implications of group observer effects.

Just a thought...

... See you on the flip side...