Russian children topped this year's international list of the most literate, and western leaders are crying foul... that is, if this piece is legit, and not just a bit of satire... It's a last bit of pre-New Year fun...

10 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM DEC 28 2017”

  1. Robert Barricklow

    Just watched the NFL playoffs.
    [TV went black just before/watched on wifi].
    …Interestingly, beaucoup Jack In The Box commercials, repeatedly said[& I mean propaganda-Rumsfeld repeatedly] …money tight?[or something to the effect]; followed immediately by/bitcoin’s going bust…
    Cryptocurrencies are now certainly getting press.
    [there is no such thing as bad press/as the Donald knows].

  2. It was good to see Joseph laughing out loud…

    I suspect the rankings have to do with an old quote by Samuel Johnson:
    “Depend upon it, sir; when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.”

    Russia has been under threat ‘of hanging’ for so long that it must have had an impact on their educational system. Practicalities, rather than fads. This would even extend to the mindset of the parents.

    On the other hand, the West (US/Canada particularly) have not been threatened on their homeland since the American Civil War. It shows…

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Ridicule is quite catching…
      The elites don’t like being told truths…
      in any shape or form;
      our in-your-face laughing at their obvious falsehoods
      is as hard on them
      as their in-your-face falsehoods
      are for the rest of the world.
      This form of ridicule, out-classes the elites…
      … they abhor being outclassed.

  3. Supreme patriarchy makes females feel secure, and that affects their offspring’s learning. It is natural growth and divine genius.

    Feminism is overreaching female stress, that likewise reduces ability to concentrate in mediation. It is against natural law.

    Contemplation is both concentration and meditation into transcendence, and that is spiritual. The Russian Swan.

  4. This is a hilarious one, and on the serious side reminds us how during the Soviet period there was widespread intensive reading and study of the country’s literary classics and of foreign classics as well. A backlash against the inane official propaganda. Could this reaction happen in the US, where such Orwellian conditions largely apply? Who knows?
    Happy New Year and everybody join me online on one of your favourite websites, shortly before midnight Moscow time, to hear the New Year rung in on the Spasskaya Tower bells, after the speech by Mr You-Know-Who!

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