There may be a link between autism and telepathic capabilities, according to this article found by Mr. V.T.:

Neuropsychiatrist Discovers Telepathic Abilities In Autistic Children & Films It On Camera

Dr. Diane Powell, as the article notes, has been studying autism and its implications for consciousness for some time, and according to the article, has made an intriguing discovery that telepathic abilities in some autistic children is - to put it mildly - wildly enhanced:

Dr. Powell’s work with non-verbal autistic children has shown strong evidence for telepathic abilities. The video below is one example of a test she conducted with multiple nonverbal autistic children. This particular child achieved a 100 percent hit rate, and in total average, the children achieved a group hit rate of 90 percent.

Powell explains in the video that she wants to further study these children: “I want to go back and I want to film Haley under ideal scientific conditions. There are also several other children across the globe who demonstrate a similar phenomenon. I want  to go and document them as well.”

Needless to say, such "hit rates" are statistically abnormal, even in paranormal or parapsychological studies. In the short video accompanying the article, Dr. Powell briefly explains her interest: she hypothesized that non-verbally expressive autistic children might, in fact, be more prone to demonstrate telepathic abilities than the rest of the (vebalizing) population. In other words, it's an ability that might somehow be a response to a condition, or product of it. As she quips, "it turned out I might be right." In addition to such abilities, the article also points out the abnormally high amount of autistic children that are also savants and "human calculators," able to perform complex mathematical calculations in their heads and do so quickly and accurately, without any apparent "instruction."

There is, however, something else in this article that caught my eye, and which prompted today's high octane speculation. To set the context for that, it may be briefly mentioned that over the past few years, there have been a number of stories circulating on the internet not only about the increased amount of autism occurrences, but also about the increased amount of children being born around the world who seem to exhibit "unusual abilities," and this has sparked a whole discussion on the implications for consciousness studies. And the linkages of some of these stories to other stories is rather bizarre. There have been, for example, studies and discussions about the links between vaccines and autism. Usually the evaluation of this linkage has been to maintain that autism is an accidental result of increased vaccinations, if the linkage is acknowledged at all, which the mainstream media and some scientists reject.

But what if, on the contrary, this linkage is well-known to the linkage-deniers, who deny the linkage for covert reasons? And what if those reasons are that they are intending to cause autism, not only for increased pharmaceutical profits, but for much deeper reasons: to study people with "enhanced abilities" and how to create them? What if we're looking at some sort of planetary-wide experiment?

It is not as silly as it sounds, for the Soviet Union did massive amounts of covert science on precisely such people and abilities, and China does to this day. DARPA, as is known, wants to create "super-human" soldiers with "special abilities." Transhumanists talk of "enhancing" people with computer chip implants and so on. But what if there was no need for any of this. What if these types of abilities are inherent, but dormant, in human nature. How does one activate them? As noted, such abilities seem to cluster in austistic people. Would one therefore want to study the phenomenon, and perhaps even stimulate i for the purposes of that study, covertly? I contend that it makes eminent sense.

In the context of this high octane speculation, I found the following statement in the article intriguing: Dr. Powell

  ... moved in July 1989 to engage in molecular biology research at the University of California at San Diego during the Human Genome Project.

In other words, might some people be more genetically predisposed to exhibit such abilities than others? If so, how does one isolate those genetic factors? How indeed, might one identify such people quickly and easily? After all, such people might be viewed as a national security asset...

... or potential threat...

So how to identify them?

Well, one way might be by a national biometric ID card...

See you on the flip side...


Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. Robert Barricklow on January 31, 2018 at 11:30 am

    Mult i tude
    Yep, there are a multi tude of rat-traps.
    Some plain as day; some are bots; that do the dirty-work in an unseen, mult i tude of ways & means – separating us from coming together as a force of the mult i tude, to act as one against the PTB.

  2. Eve Leung on January 31, 2018 at 8:33 am

    I wonder if someone or something going to fix the broken celestial mechanic for our solar system. Or they want to keep it like this very broken until the eternity?

  3. Neru on January 31, 2018 at 4:20 am

    Seems the “leaky gut syndrome” has arrived at a very young age and ravaging total health. Getting every human addicted to every and anything is prime in every venue.
    Does not matter if it is medical, digital or food industry or any other industry for that matter. Poor health is a important byproduct and why not “mengele” style research while your at it and indeed a modern version of marking them.

    Sad part is that normal people work for those parasitical multi nationals that gutting us on every level of life. How many infants are born healthy and uncomprimised healthy wise?

  4. Robert Barricklow on January 30, 2018 at 10:08 pm

    Color me skeptical on this one.
    Although there is an inherent ability in mankind; this has been obfuscated by civilization’s corrupted takeover by those more interest in controlling mankind’s spirit, than it setting it free.
    In this regards, I see this more in line w/man’s ability to deceive his own self. This is an inherent aspect of the mind that has been corrupted since birth by those who take and mold the child to conform to today’s brutal corruption of man’s spirit.
    A whole new paradigm needs to be established. I keep beating the drums for a system based upon living wealth; of which the hidden abilities of man would be nurtured back into being over time.
    Meaning, it’s back to the future:
    electronic chains of medieval staightjacketed feudalism.

    • Robert Barricklow on January 31, 2018 at 11:25 am

      As to treating the population as a bunch of rats to rain down experimental chemtrails; to explore various reaction to a multitude of vaccines; to test out various social media controls, including censorship methods like Facebook’s & Google’s pipelines of media control.
      There are a *hitload of LIVE-N-ACTION experiments going down on us. After all we’re just a numerous variety of commodities to be rat-*ucked for fun & profit. Why, even our Justice System is all about punish & profit.

    • Sandygirl on January 31, 2018 at 8:21 pm

      Robert, please do keep beating those drums, I always appreciate hearing them!

  5. Maggan on January 30, 2018 at 9:05 pm

    I always thought autistic children are very special. Their conscience is much higher but vastly different what might be considered normal. There have been studies done on the correlation of autism & Sasquatch. As autistic children like things in rows or color coordinated, Sasquatch does the same thing. I have been habititating some Sasquatch in the woods behind my house. If I put out a pile of marbles on the gifting rock, they will take the marbles & line them up according to colors. They will do the same thing with flowers. The same thing an autistic child would door. They like things in an orderly fashion with no confusion.

  6. paraschtick on January 30, 2018 at 5:32 pm

    Some thoughts:

    Interesting. Now, I’m not making any of this up. I suffer from an acute anxiety disorder, and clinical depression. I also have symptoms of having aspergers syndrome ie autism which I have not had diagnosed yet. It’s fairly difficult to get a diagnosis where I live. 10 years ago, there was only one person in the country I could get a diagnosis for it from, and the were hundreds of miles from where I lived at the time.

    Anyway, saying that, I have had a number of psychic experiences, and a couple of those have been telepathic experiences with my wife. I like to say that I’m psychic as a brick … but saying that, we have had a couple of things happen that can only really be considered as coincidence or telepathy.

    One time, I was sleeping, and I asked a question of someone in my dream expecting the answer “yes”. I suddenly awoke, came out of the dream only to hear my wife answer “yes”. Coincidence? Maybe.

    The other time, I was having a “nap” (I need to sleep in the afternoon for a while. My anxiety disorder is extremely tiring), and as I do sometimes, before I sleep, I play around with my “psychic-as-a-brickness”. I pointed my arm at the light switch and willed it to switch on … just playing around really. Whilst I was doing this, my wife in the other room, asked if I was ok, and said that she thought she could hear me. The room she was in is in the direction of where I was pointing my arm. Interesting? Maybe.

    My wife has had a large number of strange experiences. So many, I would have to write a book to be able to actually relate them in full. She has had a number of telepathic, telekinetic, and “alien abduction” like experiences, and has had them all her life. I often think she attracts “strange things”, and a lot of this phenomena is down to her.

    In the house we are living in at the moment, however, we have had a number of strange experiences, “trickster-like” behaviour, and poltergeist phenomena. Too many to relate here, really. Some things: we have had an African head wood statue throw itself off a shelf, a bag full of medication my wife takes throw itself off a shelf. We’ve had lights switch themselves off. Ovens have switched themselves off. Cat flaps/doors have either locked themselves or opened themselves (something cat flaps/doors are not usually supposed to do) … it goes on and on.

    For those who think that psychic phenomena of any kind does not exist, well I can tell you most certainly that it does. One day, I’ll put up cameras, and other gizmos and gadgets to see if I can record any of this stuff. It is mostly pretty mundane, but when you understand that it is just not supposed to happen, and if you are not a braindead scientist/skeptic, then your eyes are opened to another way of being. You don’t have to be new-agey to be aware that these things do happen, and are probably happening around you all the time.

    As for the possible link between autism and telepathy … maybe. I have tried playing around with telekinesis, and have moved a paper “sail” a little (it was definitely not a draught … but I cannot truly rule out static electricity effects) … so maybe … time will tell. Maybe things will turn out like the film Looper … who knows … we’ll just have to wait and see.

    • goshawks on January 30, 2018 at 9:05 pm

      paraschtick, I enjoyed your ‘personal report’. Thanks! It sounds like your wife is a ‘sensitive’, with all the perks and calamities that encompasses. Us males often get our first ‘awakenings’ by watching & noting the abilities of the female side – they are often more in-tune than us stoic males. Congratulations on your insights!

      Have you ever thought that you might be a ‘sensitive’, too? In our culture and in this time, it is not a good experience to be an ‘untrained’ empath. Especially a good one…

      An ‘acute anxiety disorder’ could just be picking-up the society around you. An open-channel, as it were. Self-training is hard; but if you are an ‘untrained’ empath, you could practice sorting-out what is ‘yours’ and ‘not yours’. Separate the fish from the sea. And ‘clinical depression’ could just be the result of having an ‘open door’ and not having any idea of how to close it. With an idea of what might <really be happening, it becomes an opportunity to become a ‘trained’ empath. Read-up on <true empathy; one of the greatest gifts. And opening and shutting the door at your wish is very cool…

      I suspect your wife chose you because you are of an ‘equivalent level’. My two cents, for what it’s worth…

      • metaOne on January 31, 2018 at 7:18 am

        I concur…i didnt realize i was heyoka until i was almost 30 – explained MOST of my inner world up to that point – chaos…and i was the eye of the storm…seeing, but not realizing…until one day, it all clicked into place…

        my human father, military, used to yell at me pretty intensely back as a kid when i would be the precocious questioner i still i am 🙂 the intensity of his energy would “pop me” like a xmas tree and i would cry uncontrollably leading to the sissy boy comments etc…

        well after adulthood settled in for me, we talked like two grown men and i came to find out the deeper aspects of his childhood – my father was crying inside – still is – from his abuse…when i would ask too many questions, have a smart A comment, or generally talk and say whatever the heck i wanted – it would trigger all that anger to the surface and he was literally using our blood to communicate it and i being hardcore empath, literally couldn’t hold his tears in me and so i cried for him…

        thankfully, truthfully – i had a gout attack on my 30th bday and i knew it was spirit speaking as it had done so many times in my childhood and i started my true unfoldment (“awakening” doesn’t cut it after what i’ve experienced)…i learned how to let the body clean/cleanse/detox itself and tuned the body into uni-verse (the one voice)…(i’m not finished either, just getting started looking at the field ahead/time lines etc)

        i am about to go live with a website to share my discoveries with the others (more or less the Ones i came with – some call them starseeds but we are all starseeds, most here are just deadly asleep) b/c i’m activated now and have accessed the past lives and all that jazz…what is happening right now is going to blown everyone’s minds to pieces to test their hearts…i know what i came here for and why, who sent me…all the good stuff…now let me help you help yourself find your true story and the discover the latent inner gifts as i have!

        • Sandygirl on January 31, 2018 at 5:04 pm

          Metaone, very good for you that you were able to go deeper and figure it out and your dad was open enough. Let us know when your website is ready. Everyone is carrying pain that they hold onto and use it to tell themselves who they are.

        • goshawks on January 31, 2018 at 10:39 pm

          metaOne , also thanks for the ‘personal observations’. Yep, it is hard to be ‘heyoka’. That is where your own ‘inner knowing’ points right to the heart of what is wrong and needs to be changed; and your sub/super-conscious does ‘something’ to bring-about a resolution. Frequently, it leads to being the ‘grounding rod’ for some seriously-negative Chi. Not easy. Congratulations on your ‘making conscious’ that ability! (And looking forward to your site coming online. However, the darksiders will not like that. Prepare accordingly, seen and unseen…)

          I’ll repeat the old Mark Twain quotes:
          “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”
          “Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.”
          “One learns people through the heart, not through the eyes or the intellect.”

          • metaOne on February 1, 2018 at 9:00 am

            mucho gracias ye two!

            re: lightning rod – a cursed blessing in disguise and i am the mask! HAHAHAHAHA! ya i tend to feel major events/energies a couple weeks before it hits the physical screens…by now i’ve developed the feel to know when they’re “mine” or not…

            like let me give you these two pennies…two saturdays ago…i woke up with the DISTINCT KNOWING that two “universes” just became aware of one another…they just took sight of one another…

            last saturday morning i woke up with the DISTINCT DESIRE i wanted a baby/child (wonder how long a universal “quickie” lasts but a week of earth time might be reasonable)…

            NOW you’d have to know me…this body is about to turn thirty five solars returns…i am anti-kid/baby!!!!! at my family gatherings when the babies get passed around – SKIP ME PLEASE…they read my field too and would cry in response reinforcing my willful desire…so to experience this NEW desire – it literally felt like a bubble forming within…from no where…

            now the kicker…my wife is ten years older than me…we’re past kids…the window closed (we discussed it many years ago)…so i’m thinking to universe/self – HOW WE GOING TO DO THAT!?

            three days later we agreed to a divorce 🙂 and she’s the one who pulled the plug…it was sudden, but not unexpected by either one of us…deeply loving each other isn’t enough when the mental (and spiritual) bodies are unaligned…

            universe conspires to our will if we would hollow our bones for it to use us for the highest good or at least is how i’ve learned to do how i do…

            ps the darksiders will actually wind up energizing my efforts now – the “field” has been “replaced” en whole as of the beginning of the roman year plus/minus all the other calendars (chinese and natural new year ie the equinox in march)…its swirly as all get up right now, but i had to wait until after this point so they would help me help us…rather than further hurting us all…

            the sigil, er cough cough, i mean site logo is commissioned and a two women team in bosnia have been awarded the contract…

  7. DownunderET on January 30, 2018 at 4:39 pm

    I think what is going on here is DNA. In other words our minds are connected to our DNA. When Enki created us, they did not care about the negative downsides of children having disformities from a “miss match” of the parents. In other words, these children are the result of the “miss match”.
    And if you want to talk about consciousness, then it is that which is “disturbed”.

    • Kahlypso on January 31, 2018 at 4:20 am

      Hey Downunder. I have to disagree with you about Enki not caring about the deformities. The writings clearly state that the first experiments were deformities and unsuccessful. Enki then goes on to find places in society so that these creations can participate.
      Im more and more aligned with Goshawks way of thinking for the Tower of Babel moment. I’m believing more and more each day, that we were latently telepathic and the process was broken, hence the breaking of common language and knowledge, and the developpement of different languages, misunderstanding, my interpretation of god is better than yours-ism, and war in general, OR, the process in itself is natural and we’re not using it.. and some people are using it and keeping it for themselves (ie: secret societies et mystery schools) in order to gain advantage over other people.. (AKA greed)

    • Eve Leung on January 31, 2018 at 8:29 am

      That is why I want to ask Enki for a refund! And would sincerely wish he could try the human jacket for a life time to see how it feels like before “sell” it to us.

  8. marcos toledo on January 30, 2018 at 3:11 pm

    For how long has Central been playing around with this and paranormal abilities. And why are they now letting the cat out of the bang now shades of state alchemists of a well know anime and manga series?

  9. Tony rimmer on January 30, 2018 at 3:01 pm

    Wow is this just a fraction of what we were capable of doing before THE TOWER OF BABEL before the God (S) confused us ,Dumbed us down relegated us to use speech….. What else might have been disabled ?

  10. Scott S on January 30, 2018 at 1:36 pm

    Childhood’s End….

  11. Sandygirl on January 30, 2018 at 12:56 pm

    I believe many more children would be telepathic if it had been encouraged and normalised. The schools, science, religion and social programming pretty much forbid psychic abilities. Could autistic children have the ability to block out most external noise to get in touch with the “force”?
    I used to use witching or divining rods to find petrified wood in Wyoming. I thought it was crazy at first but I definitely became a believer as it worked 85 /90 percent of the time. The wood is about 6″ to 4 feet underground encased in algae. What kind of force is that, that makes those rods cross in your hands? How much more are we missing, the force is not with us if we don’t know it even exists.

    • goshawks on January 30, 2018 at 8:22 pm

      Sandygirl, dowsing is real. I met one of the world’s best dowsers over in England, Hamish Miller. He gave us some dowsing rods, which I used for some time (even had snacks at his house). He was part of a group that tracked the Michael Line from Skellig Michael (island) off of Ireland, through England, through France, through Italy, through Greece, and headed towards the Middle East. They wrote a great dowsing-centered book about that journey, “The Dance of the Dragon.”

      I agree about the suppression of potential psychic abilities in the school system. Behaviorism (B.F. Skinner) teaches that both ‘negative feedback’ and ‘no feedback’ (ignoring) are both excellent in modifying behavior. Schoolchildren are under ‘authority figures’ who – consciously or not – practice these behavior modification techniques through their formative years. A form of ‘child abuse’. You might want to check-out an inspiring book on that subject, “The Magical Child” by Joseph Chilton Pearce, for info on our latent abilities and how they are suppressed. A caution, though: you will be rightfully-angry by the time you have finished it.

      (I once had a young lady under my care when she was 10-13 years old. She could see auras. My then-relationship and I treated that as ‘normal’, and the girl retained that ability through the peer-pressure ‘shutdown’ period. I wonder if she retained that ability into adulthood…)

      • Sandygirl on January 31, 2018 at 5:43 pm

        Goshawks, that’s cool you met Hamish Miller, wow you sure got to travel during your life.
        I’ve been studying Rudolph Steiner where he gives you exercises to increase your spiritual side. It’s not easy to hold a seed to see the energy making the seed into what it will become, seeing the invisible. I do believe we all have the abilities.

  12. Jon on January 30, 2018 at 12:32 pm

    Children, especially before the age of about 7 or 8, spend most of their time in Theta brainwave states. While this is a highly suggestive and easily “molded” state, it is also a state that can produce enhanced “paranormal” experiences. Autism of that sort is a great filter for distractions.

    We know that we are being experimented on, that much is certain from what documentation we have been able to discover. This kind of experiment would not be surprising.

    I would also assume that one of the tasks of MK Ultra would be the enhancement of mental abilities in addition to mind control. It would be silly not to study both, as they make such a powerful combination (ala “Jason Bourne,” the character of River in the “Firefly” series, and the entire “Dollhouse” series – all highly recommended). There were also some 1960s British movies made about mind control – Caine’s “The Ipcress File,” and another one starring Stanley Baker, whose title escapes me right now, about a man whose conscience/compassion is “removed” by brain surgery to make him a perfect assassin (spoiler – it doesn’t work as planned).

    I know that spy agencies actively seek out people with so-called “photographic” memories, because they can make great spies – no need for cameras to give them away (ala “Telefon”). I know this because I knew someone who fit that scenario.

    Two things that would have been done to us genetically after the Tower of Babel moment would have been reducing our mental abilities and our longevity/health.

    Blocking such mental capabilities as telepathy would make us much easier to control, and shortening our lifespan would make it much harder for any one person to be able to live long enough to figure much of this out. As long as one kept most of the public illiterate, one could isolate the occasional individual who did develop such abilities (genetics being far from a perfect science), and it would be harder for the masses to build up a written record for study.

    The main things done to shorten our lives would be to get our telemeres to fail much faster (or at all), and to shut off our internal production of Vitamin C. (Primates are just about the only mammals who cannot produce C. Goats produce anywhere from 13 to 100 grams a day, which is one thing that makes them so tough.) Vitamin C is incredibly powerful in large amounts (20 to 300 grams a day), and is an absolute viricide (kills every known virus easily). It also detoxifies most heavy metals and chemical toxins (as in chemtrails . . . ). (Read “Curing the Incurable” – you’ll be shocked and disgusted that allopathic medicine continues to demonize one of the most important items in human health, ever. (Too cheap and easy – no profit margin.)

  13. DanaThomas on January 30, 2018 at 7:30 am

    The aim of the modern transhumanists, from Galton to H.G. Wells, B. Russell, Nazis, Communists and the Rockefellers, has been to control the food supply and the medical system in order to create the “new man”. They don’t seem to have been too successful, do they?

  14. goshawks on January 30, 2018 at 6:31 am

    (Ahh, now we’re getting to the good stuff…)

    As noted in Babylon 5, one of the most dangerous ‘professions’ to be in is a telepath (any ESP). If the EarthGov Psi Corps is not out to ‘draft’ you, the Shadows want you as a (surgically-mutilated) ‘living interface’ for one of their fearsome ships. These gifted-people are coveted more than gold-pressed latinum (to mix universes). Or scheduled by the Shadows for extinction, as in the case of the last-Shadow-War Narn telepaths.

    It is just possible that real-Earth baddies are trying to produce telepaths, being minions of our Shadows. Autism tends to produce savants, and it is theorized that certain parts of each brain are ‘maximized’ while other parts suffer to varying degrees. And increased autism has, in my opinion, been connected to some ‘laced’ vaccines…

    However, what resonates most strongly with me is the ‘indigo children’ meme. This meme has increased-consciousness individuals being born on this planet in the last few decades, either to raise general human consciousness or to personally-benefit from Earth (Gaia) raising in consciousness. These types are seen as threats by the baddies, and attempts are made to neutralize them.

    One ‘neutralizing’ endeavor is reportedly vaccines that have (supposedly-filtered-out) human-cell components. The human immune system associates these fragments with the killed-disease fragments and proceeds to attack both. This causes damage in brain and body, with some researchers associating this with autism. (I am not a biologist, so I may have erred in ‘terms’ slightly.)

    So, the baddies may really be trying to ‘disable’ indigo children types. A high soul in a now-crippled bodymind. Diabolically clever…

  15. Kahlypso on January 30, 2018 at 5:52 am

    No Doc, you’re not in HOS land yet.. they know about this and have done for years and have even put schollsinto place to study it.
    I linked to this school in the community boards a while back, whilst researching into Monarch program and MK Ultra.
    Its a school that specialises in autistic children… that’s called Monarch….. packed to the rafters with psychiatrists..
    And if you’ll allow me to throw in a hyperdimensional turbine generator into your own HOS good doctor and mix things up a bit….hang on for the ride.. it gets bumpy.
    please allow me to refer to (and this all comes from MK research, I’m not making this up…) this article :

    “EEG studies of ASD suggest a U-shaped profile of electrophysiological power alterations, with excessive power in low-frequency and high-frequency bands…….. and enhanced power in the left hemisphere of the brain”

    From Wikipedia… THETA WAVES :
    Two types of theta rhythm have been described. The “hippocampal theta rhythm” is a strong oscillation that can be observed in the hippocampus (which is situated WHERE??????)

    The Germans were messing around with theta waves in 1938 (Jung and Kornmuller), and its been shown that young children are more prone to entering theta state naturally (makes you wonder why there’s loads of MK photos with young girls) The Germans then went through a troublesome period where they forgot to associate morals and ethics to research and came out with a load of information in the psychology field. Horror stories about people like Mengele and twinning etc come thereof.
    Getting back to MK Ultra, anyone with even a percusory knowledge of what went on (and I really really really advise people about pushing too hard against this particular rabbithole, its complety ruined my vision of what I thought the world was.) will have heard of Theta Wave Assassins, who talk about using rage to activate brain electricity that they send like a spear to the person they want to kill. Rage usually being induced into an autistic child through repeated rape and torture (monarch program) often through SLA as a control mechanism. I actually thought at one point that they were dumping aluminum into chemtrails
    to create more autistic children, I knew they were trying to produce more austic people and I really thought it was to get more theta wave assassins..

    Science used to be called Magic.

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