January 30, 2018 By Joseph P. Farrell

There may be a link between autism and telepathic capabilities, according to this article found by Mr. V.T.:

Neuropsychiatrist Discovers Telepathic Abilities In Autistic Children & Films It On Camera

Dr. Diane Powell, as the article notes, has been studying autism and its implications for consciousness for some time, and according to the article, has made an intriguing discovery that telepathic abilities in some autistic children is - to put it mildly - wildly enhanced:

Dr. Powell’s work with non-verbal autistic children has shown strong evidence for telepathic abilities. The video below is one example of a test she conducted with multiple nonverbal autistic children. This particular child achieved a 100 percent hit rate, and in total average, the children achieved a group hit rate of 90 percent.

Powell explains in the video that she wants to further study these children: “I want to go back and I want to film Haley under ideal scientific conditions. There are also several other children across the globe who demonstrate a similar phenomenon. I want  to go and document them as well.”

Needless to say, such "hit rates" are statistically abnormal, even in paranormal or parapsychological studies. In the short video accompanying the article, Dr. Powell briefly explains her interest: she hypothesized that non-verbally expressive autistic children might, in fact, be more prone to demonstrate telepathic abilities than the rest of the (vebalizing) population. In other words, it's an ability that might somehow be a response to a condition, or product of it. As she quips, "it turned out I might be right." In addition to such abilities, the article also points out the abnormally high amount of autistic children that are also savants and "human calculators," able to perform complex mathematical calculations in their heads and do so quickly and accurately, without any apparent "instruction."

There is, however, something else in this article that caught my eye, and which prompted today's high octane speculation. To set the context for that, it may be briefly mentioned that over the past few years, there have been a number of stories circulating on the internet not only about the increased amount of autism occurrences, but also about the increased amount of children being born around the world who seem to exhibit "unusual abilities," and this has sparked a whole discussion on the implications for consciousness studies. And the linkages of some of these stories to other stories is rather bizarre. There have been, for example, studies and discussions about the links between vaccines and autism. Usually the evaluation of this linkage has been to maintain that autism is an accidental result of increased vaccinations, if the linkage is acknowledged at all, which the mainstream media and some scientists reject.

But what if, on the contrary, this linkage is well-known to the linkage-deniers, who deny the linkage for covert reasons? And what if those reasons are that they are intending to cause autism, not only for increased pharmaceutical profits, but for much deeper reasons: to study people with "enhanced abilities" and how to create them? What if we're looking at some sort of planetary-wide experiment?

It is not as silly as it sounds, for the Soviet Union did massive amounts of covert science on precisely such people and abilities, and China does to this day. DARPA, as is known, wants to create "super-human" soldiers with "special abilities." Transhumanists talk of "enhancing" people with computer chip implants and so on. But what if there was no need for any of this. What if these types of abilities are inherent, but dormant, in human nature. How does one activate them? As noted, such abilities seem to cluster in austistic people. Would one therefore want to study the phenomenon, and perhaps even stimulate i for the purposes of that study, covertly? I contend that it makes eminent sense.

In the context of this high octane speculation, I found the following statement in the article intriguing: Dr. Powell

  ... moved in July 1989 to engage in molecular biology research at the University of California at San Diego during the Human Genome Project.

In other words, might some people be more genetically predisposed to exhibit such abilities than others? If so, how does one isolate those genetic factors? How indeed, might one identify such people quickly and easily? After all, such people might be viewed as a national security asset...

... or potential threat...

So how to identify them?

Well, one way might be by a national biometric ID card...

See you on the flip side...