11 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM JAN 11 2018”

  1. anakephalaiosis

    The most ambitious project I have ever partaken of, is to reconstruct original Christianity in its geopolitical context, as originally intended against the empire.

    Controlling the “Gates” is a metaphor for “clearing in transaction”. It basically means to drain any swamp of clandestine conduct – in the light of the world.

    In that sense, quantum computer is original non-sectarian Christianity, because creating soul is “honest” work in transparency. Ora et labora.

  2. Wonder what Belgium is thinking/doing since the border is sheer ornamental. Belgium = France, all orders for our “politician + banking elites” comes from Paris.

    If Mr. Verhofstadt gets booted out of the EU I’ll be more inclined to the belief of change or influence by China.

  3. I am curious about this meeting from a Rothschild-influence aspect. As Macron is viewed as Rothschild’s poster-boy, the meeting with Xi becomes one of Xi & Rothschild. Have some behind-the-scenes ‘Chinese Dragons’ decided to feel-out a direct-relationship with the Rothschilds?

  4. With China you have to be patient. They don’t think of setting the scene for the next election. They think in terms of two or three generations down the road. or even more. Westerners just don’t grasp their concept of Time.


  5. Robert Barricklow

    Looks like the 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement to lay out a newly globalized corporate fascist infrastructure, under the bullet-proof Pentagon umbrella$ of an all-mighty, privately-owned dollar – hit a “Made-In-China” speed bump.
    Ironically, the Silk Road streamlined 21st Century infrastructure, doesn’t fit nicely into a medieval toll-booth dollar’$ economy, of the poor grade D-minus infrastructure mindset oligarchie$, based in the iconically old U.S. of A.

  6. Chinese foreign policy experts speak (published in 2014) of China’s desire peacefully to develop domestically to overcome its domestic poverty in a world in which it would like to be able to depend on respect for sovereignty and global, institutional “rule-of-law” :

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    Publication Year : 2014
    Book DOI: 10.1163/9789004273917
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    Print and series information
    Collections: Asian Studies E-Books Online, Collection 2014
    Volume: 2
    Series: China in the World
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  7. Well Xi’s communique took some none-too-subtle jabs at Micron’s rabid Europhilia and China is clearly playing a divide and conquer strategy by insisting on bilateral relations with a sovereign France and not Micron’s vision of France, which is the foremost cheese-producing region of NATO and the EU’s most ardent groupie.

    And to make their strategy work, the Chinese have been pulling out all the stops to flatter the French delegation; of course, the French being French, this will work a charm.

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