1. Dulles Inc., was basically the private power section[aka fascism/now updated to corporate fascism].
    Even if you had a ton of Angels in the CIA, the hierarchical order ensures deceit’s theology remains intact. Despite his being a virtual head of the CIA; no doubt he knew that he’d be laughed at, if he dared to bridge that gap of public ignorance.. At the end he watched the gates close around him; for who was he to tell? What is the antidote to a culture being drained by an ignorant of laughter at such political/economic stark truths when they are spoken? Still, he spoke; for if liberty means anything at all, it means telling people what they don’t want to hear.

    1. Thus, the past is now part of “our” future, and we have a present that is well out-of-hand.
      Could that “Nazi” extraterritorial state have anything to do w/that Iranian tanker?
      And is that phantom state just a corporate branch, acting under the ancient astronauts’ unbroken theological umbrella of protection?[ implies a deeper Unknown/unknown connection/existence?]

      1. …a Cosmic war that had a rogue AI[-like?] element that went “total bust”? wiping out ALL advanced sides?/ w/an escape hatch of augmented DNA seeded w/in the surviving biological counterparts[devoid of [wireless] technologies?]?
        Is it still out there/present?
        Or, is it locked herein this solar system?
        and/or both?

  2. At Oslo University, some years ago, I confronted one of the clandestine tribe, who was pretending to be Russian. I said, that I had resided in all the Nordic countries, and spoke most of the Nordic languages fluently.

    Then I was given a masonry handshake, and as I did not respond accordingly, the smile disappeared, as the tribesman realized, that he was not only confronting his enemy, but his worst nightmare as well.

    Being a globetrotter doesn’t necessarily mean, that one takes part in conspiracies. The frontier pioneers didn’t.

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