1. Robert Barricklow

    Dulles Inc., was basically the private power section[aka fascism/now updated to corporate fascism].
    Even if you had a ton of Angels in the CIA, the hierarchical order ensures deceit’s theology remains intact. Despite his being a virtual head of the CIA; no doubt he knew that he’d be laughed at, if he dared to bridge that gap of public ignorance.. At the end he watched the gates close around him; for who was he to tell? What is the antidote to a culture being drained by an ignorant of laughter at such political/economic stark truths when they are spoken? Still, he spoke; for if liberty means anything at all, it means telling people what they don’t want to hear.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Thus, the past is now part of “our” future, and we have a present that is well out-of-hand.
      Could that “Nazi” extraterritorial state have anything to do w/that Iranian tanker?
      And is that phantom state just a corporate branch, acting under the ancient astronauts’ unbroken theological umbrella of protection?[ implies a deeper Unknown/unknown connection/existence?]

      1. Robert Barricklow

        …a Cosmic war that had a rogue AI[-like?] element that went “total bust”? wiping out ALL advanced sides?/ w/an escape hatch of augmented DNA seeded w/in the surviving biological counterparts[devoid of [wireless] technologies?]?
        Is it still out there/present?
        Or, is it locked herein this solar system?
        and/or both?

  2. anakephalaiosis

    At Oslo University, some years ago, I confronted one of the clandestine tribe, who was pretending to be Russian. I said, that I had resided in all the Nordic countries, and spoke most of the Nordic languages fluently.

    Then I was given a masonry handshake, and as I did not respond accordingly, the smile disappeared, as the tribesman realized, that he was not only confronting his enemy, but his worst nightmare as well.

    Being a globetrotter doesn’t necessarily mean, that one takes part in conspiracies. The frontier pioneers didn’t.

  3. Sounds interesting though I wonder if the author’s career as a WaPo writer might entail some limitations.

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