February 1, 2018 By Joseph P. Farrell

This story was spotted by a number of people and it's one of those "this must be talked about" stories. The trouble is, I don't know exactly what to say about it, and apparently others don't either.  But as usual I have a lot of high octane suspicions.

The story is basic enough: a corporation, about which not much is known other than it specializes in blockchain technology, recently bought a rather large package of land outside Reno-Tahoe, Nevada:

One story that has emerged with the rival of crypto-currencies is the massive amount of electricity it requires to "mine" them and execute transactions. Hence, many "Miners" are moving to Winnepeg, Mannitoba:

Earlier this month, we reported that a Russian businessman had purchased two vacant power stations in the Perm region with the intention of setting up a large crypto mining operation - the latest sign that miners are moving to fill the void left by China's crackdown on cryptocurrency miners, who had previously enjoyed heavily subsidized power.

As for North America, we've already noted that miners are clustering in Winnipeg City, Manitoba, the town with the cheapest electricity on the whole continent.

High Octane Speculation Number One

But a bigger clue as to what may be afoot is suggested by this revelation:

The park has managed to attract dozens of tech firms, including several notable names. Back in 2014, it made headlines when Tesla selected the park as the site for its Gigafactory. Google and Switch also have campuses there.

Tesla's gigafactory is designed to produce powerful lithium-ion batteries, which have had some problems making them for its new vehicle models:

Such batteries would, of course, be a handy thing to have around for space requirements, and Tesla founder Elon Musk is well-known for his corporate space ventures. But such batteries could also, perhaps, be used or integrated in massive corporate crypto-currency transactions (call that high octane guess a "wild guess"). That suggests in its turn that perhaps the next stage of crypto-currency development is to move clearing operations off world (a handy idea for conducting financial clearing operations to and from deep space, as is the blockchain itself ).

In short, and to put it "country simple", I suspect, as high octane speculation number one, that these corporate moves are both (1) coordinated and (2) space-related.

High Octane Speculation Number Two:

Given the presence of Google, and given its relationship to the intelligence community and its interest in quantum computing, quantum encryption, and artificial intelligence, that these things are also part of the picture. Quantum encryption methods have already been amply demonstrated by China in ground-to-space and space-to-ground transmissions. And as I have written on this site previously, such steps appear to me to be part and parcel of China's and other nations' efforts to create an alternative space-based financial clearing system by-passing the West's SWIFT-based system. Such steps can also be viewed as a component of a possible wider and unified global agenda of building redundancy into the international clearing system, as Catherine Austin Fitts has suggested. In other words, they are creating not an alternative, but a back-up. If this is the case, then yet another question occurs, for building redundancy into systems is an insurance policy against disaster. The question is, who, or what, are "they" afraid of? Asteroids? or the classic sci-fi Hollywood B movie Invaders from Outer Space scenario?

High Octane Speculation Number Three:

Lately there have also been stories suggesting that large Nevada casinos have been using the "down time" on their computerized slot machine networks to mine crypto-currencies, and a number of stories have also circulated that certain types of nefarious groups, including "neo-Fascist" types of group, have been using crypto-currency speculation to fund their "operations." Additionally, there have been all sorts of financial wheelings and dealings connected to last year's tragic Las Vegas shooting, which was quickly followed up by the arrest of Saudi billionaire prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, who had major stakes both in the Mandalay Bay Hotel and in communications technologies. (AL Waleed, incidentally, has recently been released by the Saudi government, after the "shakedown" operation was concluded. Some have suggested that his release is only the beginning of his problems, with further troubles looming courtesy of the US government.) In any case, it looks as if this land purchase is directly related to corporatizing and vastly expanding the crypto-currency phenomenon (already futures are being traded).

Finally, there are of course other possibilities, including the possibility that all three of these scenarios are in play, and that they are somehow all intertwined.

This may be, and I strongly suspect is, a development to watch carefully.

See you on the flip side...