March 24, 2018 By Joseph P. Farrell

Regular readers here know that I've had an ongoing interest in the missing Malaysia Air Flight 370 ever since its mysterious disappearance on March 8, 2014. Most people know the story, so there is no need to rehearse all the details here. At the time, I advanced the theory - in the absence of any worthwhile theory from authorities, and in the face of a number of conflicting details from eyewitnesses - that the craft simply went "poof"; i.e., it really disappeared. I wasn't alone. Popular American talk show host George Noory and American actor Richard Belzer co-authored a book in which one chapter devoted itself to more exotic explanations. Over the years, I've wavered back and forth on the theory. In the days and weeks immediately after the flight's disappearance, we heard a number of stories from eyewitnesses who reported hearing and/or seeing the aircraft headed southwest back over the Malay peninsula into the Indian ocean. Pay attention to that detail, because it will play a role in today's high octane speculation. But for some corroboration of this turnaround and flight back to the southwest over the Malay peninsula, see the Wikipedia article with its many maps, here:

At the time of the disappearance, I spoke with the late George Ann Hughs on her radio talk show, The Byte Show, and I advanced the hypothesis and opinion that if the craft was subsequently stated to have crashed in the Indian Ocean, to be very suspicious, for the reason that that ocean is very deep, and recovery efforts would be confined to a very few nations with the technology to do it, and thus, with the means to "control the narrative." Sure enough, as most people know, the alleged crash site off the western coast of Australia became the focus of search efforts for a number of years.

But then debris started washing up on islands in the Western Indian ocean, thousands of miles from the alleged crash site. This provoked a flurry of "computer models" of ocean currents, and so on, to explain how a piece of airplane ended up, years later, so far from the suspected crash site. And, as I blogged at the time, there was some question whether the debris was from the flight at all (See To make matters very much worse, the assassination of a Malaysian diplomat in Madagascar, the very diplomat tasked with overseeing the cataloguing and transport of the alleged recovered debris back to Malaysia, Mr. Zahid Raza, only fuels the suspicious questions hovering over the whole affair (see: ‘Assassination’ of Malaysian consul fuels new MH370 conspiracy).

There is now a new theory out there, one based on alleged Google earth images, and propounded by Peter McMahon (these articles were shared by Mr. T.M.):

DOOMED PLANE FOUND? Missing flight MH370 ‘found’ on Google Earth riddled with BULLET HOLES, crash investigation expert claims

Malaysian Plane: 20 Killed Worked For Electronic Warfare, Military Firm linked to Bush Family

I include the second article above to indicate the nature of the various conspiracy theories in regard to Flight 370, and in this case, I do not discount it. But let's deal with the first link, and the theory of Peter McMahon.

Note what the Sun article states:

Australian amateur crash investigator Peter McMahon has spent years poring over NASA and Google Maps images since the plane disappeared in the Indian Ocean four years ago and claims he now thinks he has found it.

He believes the aircraft is 10 miles south of small islet Round Island - an area not included in the search operation by experts.

Mr McMahon said he sent his findings to the Australian Transport and Safety Bureau, which confirmed it could be the missing craft.

But he claims they were then told by US officials to stick to the assigned area of the Indian Ocean.

Whether or not the Google earth images that Mr. McMahon utilizes actually to show "bullet holes" is not, for my purposes of high octane speculation, the crucial point, assuming those images to be genuine, is that they clearly show (1) airplane debris and (2) debris close to the western Indian Ocean islands where debris has been found. What intrigues me about Mr. McMahon's theory is that it squares with those reports of Flight 370 making a turn and flying to the southwest back over the Malay peninsula. It makes sense of a very crucial data point, in other words.

It's when one adds the other strange details of this saga into the mix that one gets the distinct whiff of the odor of a major conspiracy to misdirect attention to the area of the search off of western Australia: dead Malaysian ambassadors, who just happened to be responsible for cataloguing and shipping the debris to Malaysia, and the US apparently pushing Australia to search thousands of miles away from where McMahon's theory - and images - suggest. If the theory is true, then what must be explained is why the flight made that dramatic southwesterly turn, and why - if it should be proven to be true - it is riddled with bullet holes, which, notably, have been absent from the alleged debris already recovered.

The bottom line here is I think we can now be more or less certain that a coverup is in place, and indeed, this latest theory may be a part of it (though I doubt it). Given the presence of electronic warfare specialists on the flight, the alleged connections to various notorious interests, it's time for some in depth investigation of the incident by the alternative research community.

See you on the flip side...