March 7, 2018 By Joseph P. Farrell

As the reader might have gathered, I've been focused on space matters and "oribitally high octane speculation" this week, because the stories concerning space are just downright bizarre, and if one looks closely, one sees a pattern that "confirms" some of my high octane speculations of recent years. By way of a bit of context, some of those speculations have concerned themselves with what I argued in some of my books (Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations and Covert Wars and the Clash of Civilizations) is a completely hidden system of finance, set up after World War Two and entirely off the books, being used to fund exotic research projects with a UFO-space related theme. My argument has been that in the immediate aftermath of World War Two, with a growing "UFO problem" that the national security establishment would have wanted, and needed, a vast "mega-Manhattan Project" on steroids to research technologies that could give humanity a parity or near-parity performance capability to the UFOs that were confronting it, and demonstrating an ability to interfere with human defense systems, particularly nuclear and thermonuclear ones. Such a project would have required massive funding over a prolonged period of time, and hence the need for such a completely "hidden system of finance."

Approaching this problem from a very different point of view, my friend and colleague Catherine Austin Fitts documented massive amounts of missing money in the federal budget - in the trillions of dollars - being created by a variety of wealth-harvesting schemes. The funds were so outrageous she concluded that the amount of money far exceeded any funding for merely covert operations, and had to be going to something much bigger, i.e., a secret space program. And both of us have entertained speculation that some of this money might simply be going - here it comes - off world in the form of some sort of tribute or tithe. In short, both of us have entertained the possibility that some sort of interplanetary commerce might be under way, and both of us have even entertained the idea that the emergence of crypto-currencies might be a component of this system.

Well, today's article, shared by Mr. M.D., seems in the main to corroborate those suspicions to some degree:

NASA Petitioned to Send Bitcoins to Mars

Note the following:

Roman Koshlyak, a former Facebook software engineer and current CEO of Troider, an experimental content publishing platform, has created a petition asking NASA, an independent agency of the executive branch of the United States federal government, to “create Bitcoin wallets for Curiosity and Opportunity and put private keys on Mars.”

“Curiosity is a car-sized robotic rover exploring Gale Crater on Mars as part of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory mission… since landing on August 6, 2012,” according to Wikipedia. Opportunity is much older, landing in 2002, but remains on Mars, undertaking explorations.

If the rovers are provided with a private key, sending bitcoins to that address would count as sending it to Mars with the first such transaction being a historical and culturally revolutionary event, for man would have, for the first time, sent money to outer space, from earth.

Accessing that money from Mars would be a different story. There are no humans on the planet and there is no internet in outer space. (Emphasis added)

And then there's this:

If such colony is established, basic commerce would need to arise, requiring its own currency. A traditional bank account might work, but an internet connection to earth would be scarce. The limit is the speed of light. That takes between 6-44 minutes for a two-way communication, depending on the relationship between the orbits of Earth and Mars.

To overcome such limitations, Bitcoin and likewise digital currencies may be the initial means of value transfer between the two planets as it can be easily transported to earth or mars without requiring any intermediary. The Martians can create their own private wallets or coins, with keys hidden under laminated scratchable bars, without requiring advanced tampering technology or huge transfers of cash, thus fully facilitating commerce while rarely connecting to the bitcoin network. Eventually, they might simply create their own digital currency, tradable both on earth and Mars. (Emphasis added)

Now I've blogged before about the increasingly apparent lack of security and integrity in such systems, and this past week have even pointed out that scientists are concerned about "ET's" potential ability to "hack Earth". Is this nascent and emergent interplanetary commerce and financial system the center of their concerns? It would seem at least a feasible possibility (among many others).

But I've also blogged earlier this week about the plans to put a 4G mobile phone network on the Moon. Such, indeed, would be necessary for human presence on that planet, and if one is to "mine asteroids" and other celestial bodies, a similar means of interplanetary financial clearing and commerce will have to be built.

But I've also pointed out something else: the hidden system of finance has been in place since the end of World War Two, and thus, over time, with an enormous pool of money to draw upon, who knows, precisely, what might have been accomplished in those decades since? There is, to be sure, a body of evidence and phenomena which suggest that human technology might far exceed the public display of rockets and so on. This was the speculation that first led UFO-national security researcher Richard Dolan to propose the idea of a breakaway civilization in the first place. Add to this the curious alleged statements of Ben Rich - former head of the Lockheed skunk works - implying the possible existence of just such exotic technologies, and the implication is that such interplanetary clearing systems are not "the wave of the future" but "the necessity of the present". After all, I pointed out with respect to the proposed Lunar mobile network that, yes, one reason to build it would be to have an infrastructure already in place for eventual permanent human bases on that planet. But another reason for doing so might be because that has already (secretly) occurred. And a similar thing could be advanced in this case as well.

The bottom line for me here is that this article might be a glimpse, not into the future, but into the present, and that slowly and carefully, things are being "revealed" in a slow, deliberately controlled, trickle of information, almost as if things are being "beta-tested."

See you on the flip side...