1. It’s certainly an interesting chain of events:

    Sep/Oct16 : [Various] Deutsche Bank in liquidity/solvency crisis

    01Oct16 : [BBG] Deutsche Bank and six current and former managers indicted for allegedly helping Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena SpA falsify its accounts. Deutsche faces accusations that it was running an international criminal organization at the time (at the time!).

    02Oct16 : [ZH] Some Deutsche Bank Clients Unable To Access Cash Due To “IT Outage”

    07Oct16 : [ZH] Deutsche Bank Explores Capital-Raising Options, “All Unattractive”

    09Oct16 : [BusinessInsider] China may be the one to bail out Deutsche Bank

    18Oct16 : [Reuters] Deutsche agrees USD38m settlement in trial for fixing Silver Fix. Was it proprietary trading, or on behalf of a client?

    Oct16 : [ZH] China dumps USD40bn USTs but reassures markets that its long-term investment view on US debt has not changed. Just a one-off need for a big lump of cash for something?

    23Nov16 : [ZH] Forget Deutsche Bank. These 2 American Banks Are Now “The Most Systemically Dangerous In The World.” Move along. Nothing to see here (any more).

    16Feb18 : [CNBC] China’s HNA Group trims stake in Deutsche Bank to around 8.8%

    There are many who speculate that China has been behind the manipulation of the precious metals’ markets as much as anyone else – after all, they are reported to have been voracious buyers for years, and of course buyers are the main beneficiaries of suppressed prices. Perhaps China’s “investment” (It can’t end well) in Deutsche was more to do with protecting China’s precious-metals’ derivative holdings than anything else? Otherwise, if China just wanted a seat at the table, surely they could have kept their powder dry, elbowed their way to that table waving fists full of USTs after an event à-la Cyprus, and obtained a much bigger bang for their buck?

  2. Holy Evil Chinese Banksters Batman!!
    @ 5:48 and I’ve just had to recollect my jawline thats just crashed through the floor..WHAT THE ???? I really need to read all the books…
    LI?? A Chinese economist called Li????
    /runs round the room like a headless chicken……
    LI?? ? ? ?????? AS in one of the 13 bloodlines in the Illumifarty families??


    I didnt realise that they were so installed in Canada.. might explain the prevalence of the mind washing component of MK at Gill University.. the term brain washing came from a chinese term which literally meant wash the brain.

    Oh. .I’m off.. this is my project for today….
    the Li’s are still in Canadian banks…

        1. Oh my.. this goes very deep very quickly.. Triads and CIA = Golden Triangle..
          Looks like a major part of the Bloomingfarty families comes from heroin sales.. Astors and Russels in America with the Opium wars, (of top of head..) they must have hooked up with the Li’s and NOW we know why there’s such a huge Heroin problem AND why the f… sorry.. heroin fields in Afganistan are guarded by NATO…
          This Li angle.. I’ve spent over 2 hours on it.. (that’s a long time for me.. :)) erm… have you ever walked in the woods and kicked over a rotting trunk of wood on the floor.. and it explodes into pieces and all these grubby cockroach type insects go scurrying everywhere…well imagine the log s the banking industry.. and the insects are Li’s.. they are everywhere and its impossible to verify liens of parentage.. because they’re all called Li…………

  3. The listed article is almost eleven months old. In the intervening time, the conglomerate HNA Group has got itself into a ‘liquidity crisis’ around not having enough cash-on-hand to pay-off debts coming-due. This has itself caused problems due to investor flight. The fortunes of HNA Group are uncertain due to this ‘death-spiral’, but it may fall into a too big to fail category for the Chinese government. Look for subtle bailout moves…

    Meanwhile, HNA Group’s troubles are cascading down to Deutsche Bank:
    “Cryan also angered Achleitner last year by avoiding a meeting with one of the company’s top shareholders, HNA Group Co. The Chinese government has since pushed the indebted conglomerate to unwind an acquisition binge to pay down some of its massive debt load, sending DB shares spiraling lower as investors pull their money in a liquidation panic.”

    Deutsche Bank is EU’s canary in a coal mine. HNA Group’s ‘fate’ may determine whether the canary lives or dies. Interesting times…

  4. Just wondering how the West will get out this mess looks like all their bad karma is coming back to bit them on their behind.

  5. Message to the debt-burdened people of the West: “Trouble? Let them eat (our) derivatives”

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