1. Using the astronomical-cost (sorry!) NASA-developed “Space Launch System” rocket (plus the Orion capsule) is ludicrous. In the Apollo days, it was considered necessary to launch everything in one big package, because space-rendezvous was in its infancy. Today, it is trivial.

    SpaceX could launch a bevy of (reusable) Falcon 9 rockets, with varying payloads achieving orbit. Most of these would be carrying fuel. Figure-out easy ways to lego-set them into place after rendezvous and – voilà – instant (affordable) Mars mission. A couple of years from now…

  2. Robert Barricklow

    Pictured is the horse & buggy engines fueling the mission to Mars. Most sci-fi shows are becoming the same, with guns & bullets firing away at aliens & monsters. Lamestream propaganda for the dumbed-down sheep.
    The real money and missions are private power’s concern. And even there; it’s proprietary knowledge –
    in separated stove-piped silos.

    The whole picture is kept under lock & key
    by the secret society’s chosen few.

    Who may as well be…
    heartless robots.

    1. I agree with you Robert the Orion looks too much like the Apollo four man instead of three. Just another dog and pony show. You have to go back to Walt Disney animated view of a man expedition to Mars for ideas that make any sense.

  3. That 4.6 biliion devalued dallahs won’t go very far, could be a blind for planned “disclosure” of black budget technology.

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