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Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. Nidster - on April 14, 2018 at 2:46 am

    So, here we are once again forcing another POTUS into an insolvable problem. By way of public opinion, POTUS is forced to choose to either respond, by forceful means, against supposed horrific acts perpetrated by a small and almost insignificant nation against “THE CHILDREN” and if POTUS did not respond the right way then POTUS would be incessantly characterized by the Establishment as an UNCARING couth, who cares nothing for “INNOCENT CHILDREN”. Nevermind the dicotomy that hundreds of thousands of “INNOCENT CHILDREN” are aborted and killed, every year, and denied the dignity of LIFE.

  2. goshawks on April 14, 2018 at 1:09 am

    Well, apparently the US, UK, and France have done it. Culling from various commentators at The Saker, what is known so far is:

    “According to this tweet ( twitter dot com/Tmgneff/status/984990276065280000 ) quoting official US prop[aganda] … ‘Syria strikes included: -TLAMs from 3 destroyers: Porter, Cook and Higgins, French Mirages, British Tornados, US B1 bombers’.”

    “… ‘200’ missile strike…”

    “Below is a footage of cruise missiles hitting Damascus. Pretty bad!”
    youtube dot com/watch?v=uavoMEs0V0Q&

    “…there was plenty of air defence activity, reportedly successful. You don’t think those “Syrian” air defences are manned by Syrians, do you?”

    “The attack appears to have been scheduled for 3 waves, and stopped after 2 waves – I think – when Russian planes took to the air. It’s not clear where they were going to go.”

    “Something very positive in the circumstances:
    ‘Russia to suspend nuclear, rocket cooperation with America, ban US tobacco & alcohol – draft law’
    rt dot com/politics/424010-russia-sanctions-nuclear-us/
    (expect more of the same)”

    (Hmmm… How will US astronauts get to orbit now?)

    • goshawks on April 14, 2018 at 4:50 am

      “This is an initial post-battle assessment; it is as accurate as we can make it however subject to change as more of the ‘Fog of war’ clears. ~100+ Long-range cruise missiles were fired at targets in Syria, most of the intended targets were in Damascus countryside and one in Homs’ countryside. From the ~100 missiles less than 10 reached any of their targets, our numbers suggest 7; one hit a civilian neighborhood in Damascus where some office buildings of the Syrian Military were located, also a warehouse in Damascus countryside was hit, and an ex-Syrian military site that was abandoned over 5 years ago was also hit. In Homs, the missile was not destroyed mid-air but was jammed and it did not reach its target, it landed 10km from its intended target according to our intel (which is again subject to change to a certain extent). Furthermore, at least 2 small-sized drones were destroyed as they attempted to enter and assess the aftermath of the US strike.”

      “Syria intercepted many of 100+ missiles launched at its civilian, military objects”
      rt dot com/news/424103-100-missiles-launched-at-syria/
      “The strikes were conducted by two US ships stationed in the Red Sea, with tactical air support from the Mediterranean and Rockwell B-1 Lancer bombers from Al-Tanf coalition airbase in Syria’s Homs province, according to the statement. Syrian Al-Dumayr Military Airport, located 40 km north-east from Damascus, was attacked by 12 cruise missiles, the Russian MoD confirmed, adding that all missiles were intercepted by Syrian air defense systems.”

      “ISIS launches offensive in southern Damascus after US Coalition bombs Syria”
      mobile dot almasdarnews dot com/article/isis-launches-offensive-in-southern-damascus-after-us-coalition-bombs-syria/
      “The Islamic State (ISIS) took advantage of the U.S. Coalition’s latest attack to launch a powerful offensive inside the southern part of Damascus, a Syrian military source told Al-Masdar this morning. According to the military source, the Islamic State began their assault by storming the Syrian Army’s positions along the western axis of the Al-Qadam District. No gains have been reported thus far; however, intense clashes are ongoing. The Syrian Army will likely be able to fend off this assault, as they recently deployed a large number of soldiers to this front in order to launch an offensive against the terrorist group.”

      • goshawks on April 14, 2018 at 12:01 pm

        “US alongside its allies conducted a missile strike by its air and naval carriers targeting military and civil facilities of the Syrian Arab Republic on April 14 in the period from 3.42 am till 5.10 am (MSK).

        The Russian air defence systems at the Khmeimim and Tartus air base timely located and controlled all naval and air launches made by the USA and the UK. Announced French aircraft have not been registered by the Russian air defence systems.

        It is reported that the B-1B, F-15, and F-16 aircraft of the USAF as well as the Tornado airplanes of the UK RAF over the Mediterranean Sea, and the USS Laboon and USS Monterey located in the Red Sea were used during the operation. The B-1B strategic bombers approached the facilities over the Syrian territory near al-Tanf illegally seized by the USA.

        A number Syrian military airfields, industrial and research facilities suffered the missile-bomb strike. As preliminary reported, there are no civilian casualties and losses among the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). Information will be further specified and made public.

        As evident by the available data, 103 cruise missiles have been launched, including Tomahawk naval-based missiles as well as GBU-38 guided air bombs fired from the B-1B; the F-15 and F-16 aircraft launched air-to-surface missiles. The Tornado airplanes of the UK RAF launched eight Scalp EG missiles.

        The Syrian air defence systems, which are primarily the USSR-made AD systems, have successfully countered the air and naval strikes. In total, 71 cruise missiles have been intercepted. The S-125, S-200, Buk, Kvadrat, and Osa Syrian AD systems were involved in repelling the attack.

        The strike targeted Syrian air bases as well. Russia has registered the following data: Four missiles targeted the Damascus International Airport; 12 missiles – the Al-Dumayr airdrome, all the missiles have been shot down. 18 missiles targeted the Blai airdrome, all the missiles shot down. 12 missiles targeted the Shayrat air base, all the missiles shot down. Air bases were not affected by the strike. Five out of nine missiles were shot down targeting the unoccupied Mazzeh airdrome. Thirteen out of sixteen missiles were shot down targeting the Homs airdrome. There are no heavy destructions.

        In total 30 missiles targeted facilities near Barzah and Jaramana. Seven of them have been shot down. These facilities allegedly relating to the so-called ‘Damascus military chemical programme’ were partially destructed. However, the objects have not been used for a long time, so there were no people and equipment there.

        The Russian air defence systems have been alerted. Fighter jets are on combat air patrol now. There were no cruise missiles entering the Russian AD responsibility area. The Russian air defence systems were not applied.”

      • goshawks on April 15, 2018 at 1:06 am

        “U.S., U.K., France conduct Massive Missile Strike on Syria: Details”
        (plus many informed comments)
        “On April 14, the US, the UK and France launched a joint massive strike on Syria justifying their actions with the alleged use of chemical weapons in Douma on April 7.

        According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the Syrian Air Defense Forces shot down 71 of 103 missiles launched by the US-led bloc.

        Four missiles were launched at the area of the Damascus International Airport. All missiles were intercepted.
        12 missiles were launched at the Al-Dumayr Military Airport. All missiles were intercepted.
        18 missiles were launched at the Baly Military Airport. All missiles were intercepted.
        12 missiles were launched at the Shayarat Military Airport. All missiles were intercepted.
        9 missiles were launched at the Mezzeh Military Airport. Five missiles were intercepted.
        16 missiles were launched at the Homs Military Airport. 13 missiles were intercepted.
        30 missiles were launched at targets in the areas of Barzah and Jaramani. Seven missiles were intercepted.

        The Pentagon rejected reports that Syrian forces had intercepted something saying that the US and its allies ‘successfully hit every target’.

        According to this version, the US launched 105 missiles at the alleged ‘chemical weapons’ facilities of the Assad government.

        76 missiles – ‘Barzah Research and Development Center’
        22 missiles – ‘Him Shinshar Chemical Weapons Storage Site’
        7 missiles – ‘Him Shinshar CW Bunker’

        The situation is developing.”

      • goshawks on April 16, 2018 at 5:02 pm

        “US-led Strikes on Syria: PR Victory or Decisive Failure”
        “The Pentagon said that the US and its allies had launched 105 missiles at the alleged ‘chemical weapons’ facilities of the Assad government and all of them had precisely hit their targets.

        The attack involved the following means and launchers:
        USS Monterey CG61 fired 30 Tomahawk cruise missiles from the Red Sea.
        USS Laboon DDG58 fired 7 Tomahawk cruise missiles from the Red Sea.
        USS Higgins DDG76 fired 23 Tomahawk cruise missiles from the Persian Gulf.
        USS John Warner SSN785 fired 6 Tomahawk cruise missiles from the Mediterranean.
        French frigate Languedoc fired 3 Storm Shadow/SCALP EG cruise missiles from the Mediterranean.
        B-1B strategic bombers fired 19 AGM-158 JASSM air-launched cruise missiles.
        British Typhoon and Tornado fighter jets fired 8 Storm Shadow/SCALP EG air-launched cruise missiles.
        French Rafel and Mirage fired 9 Storm Shadow/SCALP EG air-launched cruise missiles.

        According to the Pentagon, 76 missiles hit ‘Barzah Research and Development Center’, 22 missiles hit ‘Him Shinshar Chemical Weapons Storage Site’, 7 missiles hit ‘Him Shinshar CW Bunker’. However, during the official briefing, the Pentagon declined to provide any evidence confirming the allegations against the Assad government and offered no explanation as to why there was no dispersal of chemical agent clouds if the chemical weapons facilities had been hit. Another issue raised by experts is why 76 missiles were needed to destroy three buildings in Barzeh.

        There is another side to the story. According to the Syrian Defense Ministry, most of the missiles launched by the US-led bloc were intercepted. The Russian Defense Ministry provided more details by saying that Russia had not employed its air defense assets, but 71 missiles heading to 8 locations had been intercepted by the Syrian Air Defense Forces (SADF).

        However, the numbers provided by Russia raise serious questions. Some experts contacted by SouthFront said that even theoretically the SADF could not have been capable of shooting down more than 15-20% of the launched missiles. The SADF just does not have the means and measures necessary to intercept such a number of missiles simultaneously in one wave of strikes. The experts suggested that the Russian military had possibly used its state-of-the-art electronic warfare systems to counter the launched missiles during the final phase of their flight path.

        Another factor, which ‘highly likely’ contributed to the effectiveness of the Syrian counter-measures, is that Russia had provided the Syrian military with operational data from its technical reconnaissance net, including satellites and other surveillance means. Likely, Iran had done a similar thing. Using tracking data, Russian-made air defense systems like S-125, S-200, Buk, and Kvadrat are capable of shooting down cruise missiles with a relatively high efficiency.”

      • goshawks on April 17, 2018 at 12:11 am

        “US missile attack on Syria – Russian statistics”
        (Breakdown of hits and misses of various air defense systems on attacking cruise missiles. S-200s did not do well…)

  3. Harry on April 13, 2018 at 9:35 am

    I have ponder such things as a boy of nine reading readers digest strange stories and amazing facts. And loving the wild beautiful places i grew up in over Australia and New Zealand I have come to a few conclusions.

    Mithra said… The Sun and I are One.

    What if Genesis when God sent a vibration cross the waters and separated them to form the firmament is the arcs of the covenants being placed back and act as open source hydrogen plasmic pillars?

    And in order for that to be safe what if we conduce an atmosphere by using a weave or a lattice or a vine of nano carbon tubes that are cast upon the crystalline ore seams of our Mother to create a labyrinth of mega mega nano woven citadel walls (the living stones) ringing into the temple sites holy of holies where the arcs reside?

  4. Elizabeth Raynor Short on April 13, 2018 at 1:26 am

    Of course the leadership of the west is criminally insane in the language of psychiatry. This gives them an out of sorts – incapable of intent because of insanity. I’m not willing to give them that out. They are EVIL. They live in a satanic death cult which they want to force on all of us through coercion/ enslavement. Thank God many good people are standing up and refusing to acquiesce in their never-ending satanic blood sacrifice of us and our children.

    Another good sign is that many people now know who/what the enemies are and are able to look them in the face and call them out. Those I see as our enemies are the enemies of people who want to protect borders, Christianity, culture and their own people. It may be scoffed at by many because of a lack of understanding of how the world has fundamentally changed. The change has not been sudden, but for many it seems that way because many don’t pay close enough attention to understand that something is fundamentally wrong until it is so bad that it is in your face. I think that’s where we are now.

    The ultimate war is, of course, a spiritual one against the BIG EVIL. We can only fight it in the material world by resisting those who pay homage to Evil and have given themselves over to it, whether individuals, groups, businesses, countries or countries joined together for evil death cult purposes. Those who are in this category today are the the Evil Shadow Government of the elected USG that operates outside of our Constitution and laws and their minions, the Evil British Empire, the satanic Rothschild Zionists and their minions, Israel and SERCO. We can all name individuals within these groups who have stuck their heads up and engaged in massive satanic blood sacrifice and other degenerate acts right in our faces Who controls us? We all know it is those we are not allowed to criticize. Many more could be listed, but these are the main ones now.

    I do not believe POTUS is going to war in Syria where we have no legitimate interest to protect. He knows the gas attack for what it is – another FF by the Anglo-American Cabal to try to force USA to instigate war against Russia. All you need to know about the incident to know it’s a false flag is that Israel performed bombing raids of the gassed sites and thereby destroyed any evidence of what happened and who did it.

    POTUS knows with whom he’s in an existential war and it ain’t Russia or Syria. If he does anything, it will be something like last time the Deep State and minions pulled a FF gas attack in Syria. He will soon order all US military and other personnel and equipment out of Syria and let them know they will have no military protection after that date. We’ll see.

  5. marcos toledo on April 13, 2018 at 1:01 am

    Stupidity more so than insanity explains that fantasy called Europe. What are the real borders both geographical, political, cultural of Europe? They seem obsessed with self-destruction creating enemies or alienating and destroying potential and needed allies. all they have produced by their games are unnecessary enemies a people who not shed a tear if they destroy themselves.

  6. Helden Spirit on April 12, 2018 at 6:34 pm

    I think it is a good time to recite the ‘Our Father’, and as this rendition so passionately inspires us, to ‘Get ready to Stand Up and Be a Man’ and to reflect and ‘Be Thankful’ for What is Important to You:

  7. basta on April 12, 2018 at 5:47 pm

    An earlier reply vanished into the aether and may yet reappear, though I won’t hold my breath… so, to recap:

    While I do applaud that you have finally found the true religion and realized once and for all that the West is irredeemably lost and is now run by a psychopathic Cabal (“elite” is far too kind for the gutter scum currently in power), I can only ask,
    What took you so long?

    It’s been obvious since before the speed-bump of Libya and the gruesome death of Gaddafi (think of cackling Hitlery crowing over his death, smarmy Tony Blair laughing at his desperate calls and President Bling-Bling Sarkozy socking away his bribes) that Syria was the next big MIC war and that the propaganda vortex formerly known as the Mighty Wurlitzer was going to suck us into it no matter what.

    Skirpal, Schmirpal, they were just May flies hitting the windscreen on the 8-lane super-highway leading to the war in Syria, the Big MIC Enchilada.

    I’ve seen this more times than I care to count. Vietnam, Nicaragua, Panama, OKC, 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria… always the same lies, always the same results.

    I call them variously the Cabal, the ZioCons, the Bolsheviks, the Globalists, and the Money Changers, depending on context, but they’re all related and inbred. Fiat is their heroin and lifeblood and it will be the death of us all.

    The Russians aren’t kidding and are being pushed to the wall, Putin and Lavrov might as well be talking to a stone as all their angst-ridden entreaties fall on deaf ears, as the Western masses pleasure tehemselves on their iJunk, and meanwhile the Russian navy have just dispersed their fleets, which one only does anticipating attack.

    Yes, it is a struggle millennia old, but by my estimation one or two more than you give credit for. Go back to the history of the Roman Empire, which was bogged down by the madness in the colony of Judea, threw nearly a quarter of a million of its legions to quell the uprising, while at home the Alexanders, the riches family in Rome, stood just behind the throne and Josephus (msm of his day) wrote the history of the empire. Who were these people?

    • goshawks on April 12, 2018 at 10:54 pm

      Basta, well said…

      Ralph Ellis has done some good research on who Josephus was. Prepare for some rabbit holes… (In one of his book’s appendices, Ellis said that there were aliens within human history at one time, but are likely gone now. When asked another time how the human race got started, he replied it was akin to the ‘monolith moment’ in the “2001: A Space Odyssey” movie. While grounded into ‘normal’ history, Ellis knows the Big Picture.)

    • Robert Barricklow on April 13, 2018 at 11:15 am

      …even well before Rome.
      At least a few books address that aspect like
      Michael Parenti’s/The Assassination of Julius Caesar:
      A people’s History of Ancient Rome.

  8. Dag from Ringerike on April 12, 2018 at 5:46 pm

    I was listening to “London Paul” this afternoon on his conversation with “V”, rouge moneys YT channel. His take on the situation is that the situation has been defused by back-channels. I agree with you, dr, Farrell, our western political leaders are living in an asylium. They are insane.

    The Skripal case is breaking down, and the NATO false flagt in Douma is breaking down. Listen to what Vanessa Bealey told at UK column tonight. The horrendious crimes that have been perpetrated by NATO and their proxies in the Douma aeria.

    A friend of my (he is well connected to Russia) said to me yesterday that the Russians have put the foot down; what he told me, YOU have to take the consequencies. Any source that will kill a Russian, we will attack the source (the Donald Cook will be at the bottom of the sea), all offensive military systems in Eastern Europe will be wiped out, including the radar systems in Norway. If you go further, we will do. Two or three main cities, he named Seattle and others could be a target, because with your sanctions, you have declared war against us. And if the escalation could go further, you will learn.

    What he said, the Russians are fed up. Our politicians are playing with fire. Do they understand what they are doing? What I see here, they are living in a fantasy land and do not understand what “real politikk” is.

    Think about it. US with their obsolite nuclear power plants (with electric cooling systems for the used rods), US and other nations will be radio active waste land within a week.

    Maybe there is a defuse going on now, but geopolitical the damage now done by our ruling class will be felt for many decades.

    • goshawks on April 12, 2018 at 7:25 pm

      Dag, it would probably not be Seattle proper; it would be the semi-nearby Naval Base Kitsap by Bremerton WA (just across Puget Sound from Seattle). That is where the Pacific-coast Trident ballistic missile submarines are ported/serviced/armed. The second ‘city’ is probably Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay adjacent to the town of St. Marys on the southeastern GA coast. It is where Atlantic-coast Trident ballistic missile submarines are ported/serviced/armed. Neither are close-to sizeable cities. Taking-out those two military facilities could be the Russian ‘warning-plateau’ in an attempt to stave-off total war…

      (Instead, the Russians might put one into the Negev Nuclear Research Center near Dimona…)

      • Dag from Ringerike on April 13, 2018 at 3:15 pm

        Thank you for your replay, goshawks. Military targets make sence, but what my friend told me, the Russian attitude now is, the economic warfare that have been going on for a while.; we will not sink alone. The Russian targets will be the most econmical vibrant aeria in US. If Russia will be toasted, so will the US be.

        First, if NATO destroy the Russian expedition force in Syria, the next step will be the threath against Russia in Eastern Europe; both the batalions from UK and Canada will be destroyed and the missiles “against Iran” and the ballistic support radar systems in Norway and simultainously a vibrant economic city i US will be targeted. The answer from US will be, either go full nuclear or come to Moscow and negotiate.. It is a frightening scenario

        But this i realpolitikk.

        There is an interview by Thucker Carlson with Stephen Cohen. You can find it via dr. Paul Craig Roberts webside.. He confirms the sentiments in Moscow expressed by my friend.

        And David Icke put up a new commentary, a YT video today. He nailed it. Our Western governments are run by pathological liars Forget about Raqua, Mosul, Yemen and the children murdered there, no we must go to war against Syria, a cild buried i the ruble, and the evidence are coming from a ver obscure MI6 construction (well documented) called “White Helmets”, by some very poor videoclips.

        NATO are going to war against Syria, and the evidence is some poor videoclips. What in the hell is going on, here.

        It is astonishing. I have been following geopolitic since Malenkow, the member of the Antiparty Group, was ousted to be a the head of a power station in Siberia., I think it was in 1955. When I asked my mother, who was stenographing from BBC during WW2, why we could not get the real news what was going on in Algeria in Norway, because I observed that my uncle was listeinng to Sweedish radio, this was in the beginning of the 60thies She said, “You have to read between the lines”. I learned this as 12 year old kid what sensurship by omission was.

        So here we go again.

        • goshawks on April 13, 2018 at 3:41 pm

          Dag, thanks for the detailed and personal reply. (Your parents were very awake & astute!) Yes, I can see your Russian friend’s “realpolitik” viewpoint. Make some painful strikes, but keep the situation to where the parties can still return to the negotiating table. Tricky…

          (This triggered a memory of an older movie or TV show. A baddie had ‘inhabited’ a body of someone else. When pressed to the point of having to leave, the baddie threatened to kill the host body. The good guys had to either accept the baddie remaining, risk the death of the host body in the ‘pushout’, or come up with something the baddie had not thought of. Reminds me of Earth’s current predicament…)

        • Robert Barricklow on April 13, 2018 at 4:44 pm

          Pray tell, where would the Nazi International be when the smoke clears? Or, radioactivity and other Doomsday scenarios?
          Off planet and/or underground-sea?

          • goshawks on April 13, 2018 at 7:40 pm

            RB, I’m thinking in the San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina, area down to an oft-mentioned lake in Chile. And in New Zealand. The winds from the northern and southern hemisphere do not couple much, so if it’s a ‘limited exchange’ they will do fine…

  9. DownunderET on April 12, 2018 at 5:01 pm

    Iran Contra
    Gulf of Tonkin incident
    Iraq – wmd’s
    Bay of Pigs
    JFK murdered
    Now chemical attacks
    Who is kidding who here ?????

  10. anakephalaiosis on April 12, 2018 at 4:32 pm

    High octane asylum.
    Giza gas chamber jerrycan.
    Zippo lighter.

    • Baz on April 12, 2018 at 4:57 pm

      PH 31 is excellent !

  11. goshawks on April 12, 2018 at 4:02 pm

    I agree with virtually all the good doctor said. My only precaution has to do with levels of guile. The ‘opposition’ has demon-strated a preference to operate in the Problem -> Reaction -> Solution mode. That way, any public outrage is damped by the fact that it was our own decisions (yeah, right) which led us down the garden-path the PTB wanted anyway.

    My primary caution around this overall madness we see is the ubiquitous-ness (to coin a word) of the phenomenon. Everybody (within the controlled countries) is jumping as if pulled by the same strings. There is NO opposition-side from anyone remotely in a power position. Just an over-the-top WWIII push. That is suspicious in itself, in a “Problem” development sense. We as sane people are providing the “Reaction” response. We should be on the lookout for any convenient “Solution” that is served-up for us. NWO, of course…

    (Mad or Cunning. I don’t know what is worse. Sigh…)
    Everything you ever wanted to know about Tomahawk Cruise Missile Variants:

    Regarding a possible ‘saturation’ attack with Tomahawks (300+ missiles) against Syria, I suspect Russia’s EW will be taken out of the equation. The Deep State learned that Russia has some form of effective EW against Tomahawks via the last large Tomahawk-salvo against the Syrian airfield. Since this missile has a built-in Inertial Guidance System (INS) – which is unjammable, since it relies on no external signals – I suspect the other guidance systems (GPS, Terrain Contour Matching [TERCOM], and Digital Scene Matching Area Correlation [DSMAC] ) will simply be ‘locked out’.

    INS suffers from a gradual error-accumulation over long flights, which is why those ‘terminal guidance’ aids exist. However, these Tomahawks will be on relatively-short flights from ships/subs somewhat offshore. Thus, a small INS error-accumulation. So, add a few more missiles to each target to give a statistical guarantee of a close-enough hit and call it a day…

    • Tommi H on April 12, 2018 at 6:18 pm

      I believe INS alone is not accurate enough. They need to hit pinpoint targets. Russia might also have electronic warfare ships in the port of Tartus, so it’s not going to be a cakewalk. Then there are the S-400 and the S-300 long range AA missile batteries on the ground. The BUK medium range AA and the short range Pantsir-S1 AA batteries protecting the S-400 and S-300 batteries. These systems are integrated with the Syria’s quite old, Soviet era S-200 missile systems.

  12. DanaThomas on April 12, 2018 at 3:50 pm

    Well, two countries have already announced opposition to any attack on Syria: Germany led by a vacillating Merkel, and Italy where a government critical of “NATO” is likely to be formed soon, after decades of subservience. Come to think of it, another purpose of the bellicose rhetoric may be to secure the continued allegiance of Western European oligarchs – not public opinion, which will increasingly be seeing the US as a “rogue state” if this nonsense continues….

  13. Th3RealGeiger on April 12, 2018 at 1:43 pm

    I still stand by the assertion made by Joseph that the “War on Terror” is less to do with Extremist Islamic Terrorism and and EVERYTHING to do with a War on the STILL surviving Nazi International. Carl Duisberg Society, inWENt, ISIS, and The Cosmology Cartel. 9/11, The Cosmic War continues, a Clash of Civilizations, and we can’t leave out the control and weaponization of space.

    I’ve been very busy these past few years, as you all know, in my mad dash to weave together a Grand Tapestry, unifying all the disparate topics us Gizars have spoken of. I see the forms behind the shadows, and they do NOT frighten me anymore. The criminally insane will be brought to justice. There are Good Persons fighting the Good Fight and that includes ourselves.

    I also stand by my previous assessment of the “Syrian” Chemical Attack and the response of America in concert with Russia. We can’t forget that Xi Jinping was visiting President Trump at Mar A Lago when the strike took place. The way I see it, President Trump is fighting the same ideological fight of President Kennedy and President Nixon. It is a factional War, international in scope. The battlefield is asymmetric and one cannot rely on national boundaries to delineate the players on the Grand Chessboard.

    The question is, is President Trump still playing 7D chess? Did he sit on the beach of the Florida Space Coast and say to Xi, “I did not order that strike on Syria, I am fully aware of the Legion of TREASONOUS people aligned against me. Is Russia my enemy? No. Watch as only half the bombs strike true.” Today when President Trump meets with the National Security Council I believe he shall say, “Check and Mate, You’re all FIRED.”

    (They) have never understood that the oh so PROMISing revolving door swings both ways. Nor do they grasp the fact that Time Catches Up To EVERYONE Eventually. One voice can certainly make a lot of noise, but many Totally Aware and Unified voices, that’s how WE change the World.

    Isn’t it Time the blackmailers get blackmailed for a change? (They) have never played by the rules, and like Children they would rather “smash their toys,” as opposed to sharing them. It might not be the best plan, but how else do we raise the capital to not only serve Justice to the Criminally Insane, clean up the mess that The Children of Men have made, and also build a Good Future for our children?

    Join the fight. Join #TAU. Love has already won, (They) just haven’t received The Word yet.

    God Bless the Gizars, God Bless America, and God Bless the World.


  14. Robert Barricklow on April 12, 2018 at 12:21 pm

    Will the unthinkable happen?
    If so; insanity rules.
    Get active…
    or become radioactive.

    • Th3RealGeiger on April 12, 2018 at 1:47 pm

      Good song.

    • Roger on April 12, 2018 at 9:42 pm

      Cheranoble proves the wild life will adapt. Everyone who is someone has or is moving south. If those positions are threatened then off to Antarctica.

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