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April 18, 2018 By Joseph P. Farrell

Last Saturday, April 14, 2018, popular overnight radio talk show host Art Bell died in his home in Pahrump, NV.:

Radio host Art Bell dies at 72 in Pahrump home

It's rare that I ever take time to note the death of a celebrity or famous person or politician. Here, however, I will make an exception, because Art Bell was and will always remain an exceptional man in the world of journalism. I will wager that there is no regular reader of this website, or for that matter, of any major alternative research website, that was not tremendously affected by Art Bell. For years, Bell presided over the microphone of Dreamland, a weekly program that aired on Sunday nights and ran during the "wee hours" of the morning, and the subject(s) of discussion were all those "taboo" subjects that would never make the main stream news, nor ever be discussed in a serious fashion by the quackademy... Bell gave it serious air time, sought out and interviewed serious guests, and had a passion for the subjects he interviewed about, from UFOs and government coverups, black research projects, cryptozoology, monuments and ruins on Mars, Bigfoot, witches and the occult, Roman Catholic exorcists (his interviews with Fr. Malachi Martin are the best out there), you name it, he did it.

Dreamland soon branched out and became Coast to Coast AM during weekdays, and grew to be the USA's, and later North America's most popular overnight syndicated radio talk show. Bell, in effect, had walked into the overnight talk show chair vacated by Larry King after the latter moved to television, and Bell made it, and the late night airwaves, his own.

Most importantly, Bell brought the "taboo" subjects into the mainstream; in effect, he was the alternative media before the term alternative media was even coined; many have walked through that door, but it's important to remember that before Mr. Bell came along, that door what largely shut, locked, and barred and guarded. Bell kicked it open and broke down the barriers, and there's no turning back now, largely thanks to him.  His interest in the subjects he talked about and interviewed about was geniune, and sincere, and his audience sensed that about the man and paid him the ultimate compliment by making Coast to Coast AM a world-wide phenomenon.

All of us in the so-called "alternative media" owe him a profound debt of gratitude for breaking that door open.

Thank you Art... you are already sorely missed!

See you on the flip side...