April 5, 2018 By Joseph P. Farrell

You can almost hear the howls of laughter in the Kremlin over this one, and they're probably still laughing about it, even though it's three months after the event, and it's proof positive that in the apocalyptic atmosphere and paranoia gripping the West's Idiotocracy (Stupidocracy? Plutofoolocracy?) in its latest spasms of blockheadidity, some people at least have not lost their sense of humor. In fact, I howled with laughter to the extent that I had to have a cup of hot chai (for those of you in San Franfreakshow, Nuttyfornia, that's Russian for "tea"), which I enjoyed by drinking it through a sugar-cube, Russian-style. The only thing spoiling my mystical moment of fellowship and communion with those never-to-be-trusted-always-byzantine-Russians-and-their-evil-super-genius-criminal-mastermind-Vladimir Putin was a samovar in which to heat the tea. But I did send Mr. Putin the following friendly email:

"Dear Vlad,

Was just made aware of, and just watched your latest Christmas fun with Congressentity Maxine Waters and UN Ambassadroid Nikki Haley. What a gas! I'm still howling with laughter and I can just see the expressions on everyone's faces there when they were briefed about this one.

And yes, to answer your (politely) unspoken question, we really are for the most part that stupid here.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed this one immensely. Who says geopolitics can't be fun?

All the best,

Jos. F.

P.S. Hope you enjoyed the book. Let me know."

What am I talking about? Well, Mr. V.T. sent me an article in which the following articles were linked, and I have to be honest, I entirely missed these stories from Christmas season of last year, but I do want to bring them to your attention, not only so that you can laugh and enjoy a cup of hot chai with me, but also to make a serious point:

Haley's Fantasy Island: US Representative to UN Served by Russian Pranksters

Russia Invades Limpopo! How Russian Pranksters Played a US Congresswoman


Yes, the anti-Russian hysteria has become so ridiculous and so entrenched in the "minds" of the American elite - both left and right - that Russia now appears to be hacking the elections of entirely fictitious countries:

By introducing himself as "Volodymyr Groysman, Prime Minister of Ukraine, one of the pranksters started off by informing the clueless Congresswoman that President Putin has now invaded both eastern and western Ukraine, bringing his regular army into the cities of Donetsk and Lvov (Lviv).

However, what made the conversation go viral online is the caller's claim that Russia has interfered in the internal politics of Limpopo. Russian hackers, he said, broke into the server of the vote-counting system in the African country of Limpopo, and installed "their political puppet Ai Bolit" as president, "doing more damage to the poor country than they did to the US."


What made the conversation go viral was that, in fact, Limpopo is not a country but rather a river in South Africa which featured in the popular Soviet children's story, Ai Bolit written by Korney Chukovsky.

Now, it's bad enough that such galloping stupidity should be in Congress, it get's worse, for in modern Amarikuh, stupidity is truly a democratic, bi-partisan affair, and the Republithugs can be equally as wacky as the Democrooks; from the second article:

During the phone conversation, the pranksters probed Haley’s opinion about the island nation of Binomo — a fictional country located in the South China Sea not far from Vietnam, and invented by Vovan and Lexus for that occasion.

When the pranksters told Haley that the country recently proclaimed independence and that the Russians have meddled in the elections held there she immediately replied "of course they did!" The ambassador also stated that the US is aware of the situation that it will continue to monitor it closely just as Washington deals with all issues "that keep coming up in the South China Sea."

"Nikki Haley is a member of Trump’s cabinet. An ambassador to the UN holds a lot more clout in their country than on ours… It’s very funny when such a person is responsible for foreign relations in the US," Stolyarov remarked during an interview with Russian media.

The pranksters also inquired whether Haley heard about (fictional) claims made by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko about Hollywood celebrity Kevin Spacey harassing him in 2015. The ambassador replied that she wasn’t aware of this tidbit and promised to research this topic.

Now, let's stop and be serious for a moment. It's entirely possible, with today's techniques, that all this might have been entirely faked. I don't believe that, but it is remotely possible. In which case, it's a sad cultural commentary that such a joke/false flag could have any traction. That it does have traction is in indicator of just how bad - and stupid - Amairkuhn kulcher" has become.

But granting the reality of the pranks, it's an even worse commentary. High Amairikuhn officials, in one case an Ambassador to the United Nations and thus the USA's representative on the Security Council, have no clue whatsoever whether some nations even exist or not.

Why am I bothering with a story three months old? Well, first, it's funny. But at a much deeper level, it's downright frightening. Years ago, on the Byte Show with the late George Ann Hughes, I stated on more than one occasion that the "elites" of the West, and particularly in this country, in dumbing everyone down, had in fact dumbed themselves down as well. They not only surround themselves with advisors in fundamental agreement with them and thus expose themselves to nothing dissenting from their agendas, but that in surrounding themselves with such yes men for so long, they cannot think in any other way. And those "yes men" are in turn products of an increasingly "idiotized" higher education system in "quackademia."

In other words, they're stupid. Just how stupid are they? Well, listen to the linked audios and see for yourselves.

And stupidity is not a basis on which to formulate domestic or foreign policy, and it is not a basis for a sound military defense either.  Even if it is bi-partisan. Bi-partisan stupidity - especially when a thermonuclear power like Russia is concerned - is not a policy, it's just stupidity.

And American education is now a national security issue.  In the hysteria that is being ratcheted up over the Skripal case in Great Britain, the tit-for-tat expulsion of diplomats, let's make awfully sure we don't have complete nincompoops talking with Russia, because they're not stupid.

See you on the flip side...