1. Robert Barricklow

    What is more safe from bail ins?
    Bank, Credit Unions. Federal Credit Unions, Savings & Loans?
    Of course, a Public Bank like the Bank of north Dakota.
    Or, some institution holding physical gold, silver?

  2. H.O.S. while an ordinary person would shout this out to the four winds, maybe other, larger bank balances are disappearing and the people/entities concerned are keeping quiet.

  3. (1) A year or so back, a hacker group announced that it had ‘obtained’ the premier computer-hacking software-tools used by the NSA & CIA. After an attempt at ‘bidding’ them out, these premier tools were essentially released to the (hacking) public…

    (2) It has recently been proven that Intel (and perhaps AMD) designed-in at the hardware-level certain ‘bugs’ that coincidentally could be used to take-over said computers from a remote location…

    (3) NSA has ‘optically-twinned’ fiber-optic telecommunications lines (trunk lines), with one copy going to Utah and another full, ‘raw’ copy going to somewhere in Israel (under a permanent, gov’t to gov’t agreement). Probably the same for satellite feeds…

    (4) Banksters (and their handlers) have been proven to be loyal, trustworthy business partners, always willing to sacrifice for the best interests of their clients. (Sarcasm, in case you did not pick that up…)

    Stir the above together and serve. What could go wrong?!?

    1. What could go wrong indeed Gos (so maybe the account holders who have been given a “haircut” could get a reimbursement in shekels??)

    2. Any company who keeps its proprietary information on its’ servers with any chance of an internet connection is subject to having Judea, Inc. and the Intel agencies steal said information and use it as they see fit.

  4. anakephalaiosis


    What spake those ancient trees,
    that olden times stood here before,
    and held firm grip into earth,
    stretching towards endless skies?

    They drown you in silence,
    that breaks your heart once more,
    lingering on a string, that hits you,
    straight between the eyes.

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