1. The Italian situation changes by the hour, if there’s anything significant I’ll post on the community page (NB not to be confused with “Europaeischer Gemeinschaft Seite”!)

  2. From article: “…Spain’s biggest opposition party, the PSOE or Socialist Party, was pushing for a no-confidence motion against Spain’s unpopular prime minister.”

    It appears that the Southern Europe countries have picked-up on Benjamin Franklin’s famous line, “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately,” in response to observing the treatment of Greece by the Troika. We may be seeing the results of a modern-day Consti tutional Convention (1776 US style) having taken place sotto voce (in a low, soft voice so as not to be overheard).

    1. (Should more exactly refer to the ‘Second Continental Congress’ than the ‘Consti tutional Convention’…)

      1. marcos toledo

        Yes, goshawks the PIGS must hang together or each become bacon separately the big bad wolfs are at their doors.

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