7 thoughts on “TIDBIT: WATCHING ITALY”

  1. Robert Barricklow

    Public opinion on one side and the manipulated markets on the otherside. Money talks and the electorate takes second place.
    Democracy/Republic second rate next to manipulated markets?
    Italy suffering since Euro; even manufacturing down 1/4, many Italian businesses couldn’t survive under Euro economy. But Germany is better off.
    Immigration is a HUGE issue to many former Soviet Union members.
    Will the EU now ease its situation w/the UK?
    Does politics rule or the manipulated market?

  2. Robert Barricklow

    …and of course, there must be “structure reforms”;
    or, in simple english: structural violence.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      After all; this is the DNA of all PTB: structual violence.
      But just wait till the digital demons/aliens take over.
      When those CERN-like portals are becoming mobile?
      w/Connections to Saturn?

      [high-octane specs?]

  3. Robert Barricklow

    Once I got through all the pop-up ads; and being directed to all those commercial pages – I got to the commercial article. After all, the last time the press was public was when it was subsidized. As everyone knows a free press is truly a privately owned one> You know, just like a private bank issuing the country’s currency. God forbid that there would be a public press and a public bank. Next thing you know Italy will want a representative government instead of an owned corporate territory!

  4. Zerohedge is often conflicted between the central-bankster perspective and a more objective view of reality…

  5. marcos toledo

    Let’s face it Italy was destroyed beginning with the kicking out Ostrogoths in the sixth century AD. It has been a political mess ever since it only reunified in the mid-late nineteenth century. It has been treated game ball for over a thousand years.

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