June 14, 2018 By Joseph P. Farrell

While we've been eating popcorn and enjoying the three-ring Rome-Paris-Berlin circus that is the E.U. - although, I should say I'm foregoing the opera with libretto by A. Merkel and music by A. Schoenberg, A. Berg, and I. Stravinsky - the world's fifteenth largest economy (and most experts agree it could probably be far larger) - is headed for what could be a crucial election. Ms. K.M. shared this article, and it's important to pass along. That economy and country is Mexico, which, like the USA, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and other countries, certainly deserves better leaders than the tepid slogan-spouting auctioneers of globalism than they've been getting.

In Mexico's case, however, one Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has been scaring the daylights out of the American media, as the following article from AZCentral notes:

Díaz: Andrés Manuel López Obrador is America's worst nightmare

According to this article, Senor Obrador is that worst of things, an "isolationist" whose policies could lead to increased immigration. Reading the article, I couldn't help but detect the faint whiff of similar complaints voiced in the media about, oh, say, the recent Italian coalition government, or the Austrian elections that brought Sebastian Kurz to the Chancery in Vienna, or the BREXIT vote, and what-have-you. In short, when the corporate controlled lamestream media think something or someone is "bad", I tend to think that it or he or she may in fact be "good."

Ms. K.M. spotted this article, which is of course from the "alternative media," and which thinks that Senor Obrador may be "good":

JIM STONE refutes the MSM hit piece on Andres Obrador, who leads the polls in the upcoming presidential election in Mexico

Mr. Stone's piece is a diametrically opposing interpretation to that of the AZCentral, and in effect is arguing that Senor Obrador wants to break the foreign and monopolistic corporate power that has kept Mexico far below its real financial and economic potential. And as noted, he wants to expand Mexican agriculture and localize it, which I strongly suspect is "code" for breaking the hold of GMO companies and "big agribusiness".  Additionally, he wants Mexico's large petroleum industry to be run by Mexicans and - perish the thought - for Mexicans. And it is here, I suspect, that all those accusations about him wanting to turn Mexico into Venezuela take root. My problem with that analysis is that I seriously doubt that most Mexicans will stand for it. Those drug cartels with which Senor Obrador wants to make peace with will hardly stand for it either.

Needless to say, Obrador will face massive opposition from the corporation-controlled governments of the west, but he is not without potential allies to pursue his agenda; China and Russia are always in the wings, and they have the technology to assist in that quest should he actually be elected.

But none of this was what really caught my attention about Senor Obrador. It was this:

It is apparent but not officially stated that Obrador wants to curtail the liberal crap in academics to prevent a Mexican outcome that mirrors what is going on in America now, in addition to curtailing "family services" that take kids out of decent homes, in addition to getting rid of policies that undermine families. Obrador appears to be the "anti-feminist". That's badly needed now, the acid has been applied to Mexico and will absolutely eat the nation if something is not done to stop it. Unlike America however, it is not too late to stop it. Mexico can still be saved.

Since feminism and destruction of the family, and having the state be able to take kids on a whim is a cornerstone of a communist takeover, obviously Obrador is going to be hated and called a nutcase by people in the media who are the spokespeople of that particular effort.

In other words, an unstated part of Obrador's agenda is cultural, and it does not take much imagination to see that, for a traditional Mexican, steeped in family, hard work, and tradition, that a glance across the Rio Grande into the cultural swamp that America's academic and "family" institutions has become is a warning for Mexico's own future. If that is the case, then perhaps Senor Obrador is best seen, not as another Hugo Chavez, but rather, as another example of the cultural failure of globaloney, and as another example of the types of cultural-and-anti-globalism politics we've seen emerge with Chancellor Kurz of Austria, or the Alternativ fur Deutschland party in Germany, or the recent coalition government in Italy, or the ouster of Rajoy in Spain, or for that matter, Donald Trump in America or Vladimir Putin in Russia.

And Mexico is crucial, and therefore these elections are crucial, for Mexico is one of the three major regional powers in Latin America, the others being Argentina, and Brazil. In Mexico's case, it could provide an example to the smaller nations of Meso-America - Guatemala, and Nicaraugua in particular, both nations which have had more than their fair share of "Yankee United Fruit Company" imperialism, and Washington-sanctioned puppet governments and death squads. Remember Guatemalan General Rios Mont, the supposed "evangelical Christian" who was the darling of the Reagan era? or Anastasio Samosa?  If so, then you'll understand why it has been relatively easy for Marxist populist movements to grow in those countries, for part of the opposition has been to corporate imperialism from the Great North.

Thus, Obrador, if he wins, and plays his cards carefully, could chart a very different course for those countries, one neither kowtowing to Havana, nor Washington. In short, Mexico could become a "player" once again, and in a way far exceeding what it was in the early 19th century.

This is one to watch...

See you on the flip side...