June 2, 2018 By Joseph P. Farrell

Ms. N.S. shared this one with me, and it's such a "whopper doozie" I have to pass it along, together with my customary "High Octane Speculation".TM The article is short, sweet, and leaves more to guesswork than it actually says, which is unusual not only when it comes to financial instruments, but for an institution like Brookings. Here's the story:

A new EIB bond product in support of the Global Goals: Building a sustainable financial system

Now, when I hear anyone connected with the globaloney elites using the term "sustainability", all I can think of is dubious science, and more ways for mercantilist-socialist policies to screw the world's middle class. Why? We'll get back to that too. But here's the part of the article that caught my eyes:

The financial community is now turning its eyes to the United Nations’ sustainable development goals, which encompass climate, environment, and much more. Eleven years after creating green bonds, the European Investment Bank (EIB)—the European Union bank—is introducing a new debt product, a sustainability bond, highlighting the bank’s role in sustainable finance both in and outside of Europe. The new product will aim to raise awareness around the importance of social, green, and sustainable investment and to support the achievement of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Now, we're seen these financial instruments before, in one form or another. Carbon footprint taxes, weather derivatives, and so on, all of which are handy things to have around when (1) you control technologies capable of massive weather modification (think of China's recently announced goal of turning all of Tibet into a massive weather modifying experiment), and (2) you control all of the surveillance and database technologies, which makes it very easy to say that individuals x, y, or z are using a much larger "carbon footprint" than they actually are. In other words, it makes it much easier for Mr. Globaloney to commit fraud. Of course, they'd never do that, because they are fine, upstanding, virtuous people who've never done anything wrong, except maybe the occasional robo-signing of fraudulent mortgages, the creation of customer accounts without their knowledge, and the creation and ballooning of derivatives to the quadrillions of dollars.

Reading this nearly data-less announcement, I couldn't help but wonder, "What's backing all these 'sustainability bonds'?"  This simple question and attempt to do due diligence brought back to mind a conference that occurred in southern Colorado in the mid-1990s, which was reported on by a somewhat mystified evangelical accountant who received - probably by mistake - an invitation, and volunteered to help. He ended up driving conference speakers from the airport in Denver (presumably) to southern Colorado to the conference venue (that, I suspect, had a connection to the now late Canadian financier, globalist, and self-appointed ashram guru Maurice Strong), and to his surprise, ended up chauffeuring the world's financial elite, including one of the Rothschilds. The conference was the World Wilderness Congress, and the accountant was curious as to why all these financial elites were attending. He did not wait long for an answer, for what he discovered was that they wanted to create a "World Wilderness Bank" for a global currency to be backed by - here it comes - the world's wilderness land. You know, places like Siberia (maybe that's why they hate Putin, who seems to have other plans), and... well, places like - here it comes again - Antarctica. Throw in carbon footprints and the usual blather about "sustainability" and voila, you've created the perfect financial instrument by which to hide a multitude of fiscal sins.

So where's our customary trademark "High Octane Speculation"TM here? Note the actual implication of the scheme, both as implied by the article itself, and as revealed by our erstwhile accountant, who actually went on to make a one-time only VHS videotape of his experience: the entire planet is being collateralized. The question is, why? For what reason? Many speculate that Mr. Globaloney wants to sacrifice most of the world's population in a spasm of genocidal "cleansing", and to robotize manufacture and more most of it off planet. And it's that last part, robotizing, and moving manufacture off planet (thus giving them an even greater measure of power and control over the rest of us), that I suspect is the ultimate covert motivation: this is about space, commercializing it, controlling it, and thereby the planet. The scale of it suggests that they need lots of money, beyond even that that I have argued was a "hidden system of finance." That hidden system was, I suspect, successful in prototyping a variety of hidden technologies.

Now they need massive amounts of it, and what better way to pay for it than to harvest the wealth of the planet and its emerging developing world middle class? If this line of speculation be true, then the question becomes, why do they need so much? And the only thing I can think of is that they perceive some immanent threat or danger to themselves. What that may be is anyone's guess.

See you on the flip side...